Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Now Available on Google Play

Ready to solve a new mystery?
Ready to solve a new mystery? Vincell Studio

If you’re one of those looking to test their detective skills, then this game could be it. Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery invites you to a whodunit on the high seas. It’s now available for Android via Google Play. For iOS players, there may be a little waiting time since there’s no release date revealed.

This new game is part of the Hidden Escape series with players placed in the glamorous yet treacherous world of Reality TV. The story begins with Mallory Byrde. This social media star has been shortlisted to be part of the new Sail Me Away show. There, she meets another contestant by the name of Mark Davis. However, as Mallory tries hard to deny her ever-increasing feelings, Mark’s ex, who’s also another contestant, is preventing her every step. Complications arrive when someone gets murdered.

By now, it’s clear that Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery offers fans of the series an original storyline. This one is spread out across 10 chapters and comes with more than 80 puzzles for everyone to solve. It’s not just one puzzle but different types for players to take on so it’s guaranteed to hook till the end.

In a statement, the team at developer Vincell Studio revealed that the story of the game was based on mysteries that everyone grew up loving and trying to solve. They went on to say that it’s not just a game with puzzles since the focus has been placed on both the story and interpersonal relationships. Not that surprising considering Vincell Studio has always been about experimenting.

Overall, key features of the game are:

  • An engaging murder mystery storyline.
  • Stunning cruise ship locations that everyone can explore.
  • Solve challenging puzzles and riddles.
  • Find hidden objects.
  • Play and enjoy addictive mini-games.
  • Crucial achievements available to unlock.
  • Get to meet memorable characters.
  • Experience life on a Reality TV show.
  • Solve the murder mystery.
  • Get the whole game for free.
  • Available in 7 languages.

Other Hidden Mystery games that players can enjoy include Lost Temple, which follows well-renowned archaeologist Liam and Indian symbologist Leela. There’s also Secret Agent which focuses on fresh recruit Falcon, who is suddenly tasked with taking on a highly covert espionage mission. Both games are available on Google Play and the App Store.

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