Mana Rebranded as Potion; Relaunched on Google Play

Expect to see changes.
Expect to see changes. Mana Interactive

Mana Play has been relaunched on Google Play Store and is now called Potion. On top of the name change, the mobile app has been completely redesigned. There are also new and simplified methods that combine gaming and real-life rewards systems into one.

Potion gamers earn rewards as long as they play games that are supported by the platform. Initially, the platform supported League of Legends, Brawl Stars, and Clash Royale. With this new change, three games have been added, which are Clash of Clans, Valorant, and TeamFight Tactics. For a chance to get the rewards, players need to link their in-game accounts to the Potion app.

The relaunch also introduced some extra features like the new user interface. There’s also the simplified reward points system where “Crystals” can be swapped for “Gold.” By the way, one Gold is worth 30 Crystals. The rewards available in Potion include gift cards for Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Store, and PlayStation Store.

As mentioned, the platform's UI has been redesigned. Here are the changes:

  • All Potion-Earning actions have been integrated into a slick-looking home screen.
  • Potion Flask
    • This is where the Potion is stored as players earn it with in-game actions, quests, promo codes, and more.
    • ​Cast Spell, Video Bonus, and Refresh Quests are all under the flask, making it easy to spot.
    • There’s no longer any need to scroll through the app to look for whatever it is players are looking for.
  • Quests have been integrated into the home screen.
  • Redeem hard-earned Potion from quests in the same screen where players can convert it to Gold.
  • Daily Bonus
  • Referrals are now considered quests, too. This is because they’re giving a bonus to those who bring new friends to the App.

Earning Potion and Casting Spells

With the relaunching, Potion is pretty much what the players get for what they do in the app as well as in the games. Any Potion earned can be stored in a flask, which can store up to 1,000 Potion. This can then be converted into Gold by casting a spell. Each spell cast converts as much as 200 of the Potion to Gold.

Learn more about it here.

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