Path of Exile: Substantial Changes to Some Monster Modifiers Implemented in Patch 3.18.0d

Patch 3.18.0d
Patch 3.18.0d Twitter/@pathofexile

Grinding Gear Games released Patch 3.18.0d for Path of Exile which brought substantial changes to some monster modifiers, to make enemies a lot more bearable for most players.

Monsters have become quite challenging to beat in the new Sentinel expansion. So, the developers made some changes starting with archnemesis mods. But now they turned their attention to monster modifiers that provide ailment immunity.

In Patch 3.18.0d, the Mana Siphoner monster modifier no longer grants immunity to lightning ailments like Shock. It now only grants a 50% reduced effect. Furthermore, the Juggernaut monster modifier in Path of Exile, which provides stun immunity and other buffs, can no longer be found on Blighted monsters. So, for those who love doing Blights, this is a pretty good adjustment.

These changes will make it easier for players to beat certain enemies, especially those found in some endgame content. Besides that, players who use elemental builds are going to make considerably more damage now than when the Sentinel expansion went live.


  • Permafrost: No longer grants immunity to Freeze and Chill. It now grants 80% reduced effect of Cold Ailments
  • Flame Strider: No longer grants immunity to Scorch. It now grants 80% reduced effect of Scorch
  • Storm Herald: No longer grants immunity to Lightning Ailments. It now grants 50% reduced effect of Lightning Ailments
  • Steel-infused: Now grants "Overwhelm 10% of Physical Damage Reduction" (previously 30%)
  • Rejuvenating: Reduced the life regeneration for Unique Monsters from Healing Nova to 10% of life regenerated over 2 seconds
  • Effigy: Summoned Effigies are now spawned at the player's location and are immune to damage for 2 seconds after linking to a player. While linked, 50% of damage from Hits taken by the Effigy is also taken by the player as reflected damage (previously 100%)
  • Crystal-skinned: Improved the charge up visuals of crystals
  • The Trickster monster modifier can no longer be found on Magic or Rare Monsters in the Azurite Mine
  • Character level no longer prevents you from using Sentinels in Act Areas
  • Updated the Controller input mode keybind for equipping a Sentinel. Using this keybind when highlighting an equippable Sentinel will now also open the Sentinel Controller Panel
  • Using the equip keybind in Controller input mode will now swap the Sentinel highlighted in your inventory with the relevant Sentinel in your Sentinel Controller Panel if you already have one equipped
  • The charges on equipped Sentinels can now be viewed using the Right-stick button in Controller input mode
  • The destructible pillars in the Polaric Hideout can no longer be moved by player skills
  • Fixed a bug where Kirac's "Slay the Beyond Boss" Atlas Mission could not be completed

Path of Exile Patch 3.18.0d is available on PC.

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