Path of Exile: Sentinel Update Now on PC

A whole lot of new content.
A whole lot of new content. Twitter/@pathofexile

The latest expansion for Path of Exile is now available on PC and macOS. Sentinel offers players the chance to take part in the Sentinel Challenge League. The new content includes 20 atlas keystone passives, seven uber boss fights, and new pinnacle unique items. Players can also look forward to the revamped monster modifiers and revamped challenge system. There's no doubt there's plenty to enjoy in Sentinel.

For those wondering, the version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is launching this Wednesday, May 18.

Harder Challenges

For the Sentinel League, players can expect to see a revamped challenge system. The challenges are harder but the rewards are greater. For six completed challenges, players get the chance to earn pieces of the Ophidian and Ophidian Lord Armor Sets and Wings. There are also the pieces of the Sentinel Totem Pole Hideout decoration!

A total of 40 challenges are available and you can read more about them here.

Atlas Passive Tree

The Atlas Passive Tree gets an improvement with the addition of 20 new keystones and different updates. You can view the complete skill tree here.

Sentinel Mystery Box

Players can also enjoy the newly released Sentinel Mystery Box. This is a new take on the game’s classic mystery boxes but without any of the duplicate microtransactions. Each microtransaction in the new mystery box has visual behavior that interacts with the gameplay.

There are 14 microtransactions that players can find in the Sentinel Mystery Box. Each has different numbers of thematic variations, so players never get a copy of a variation that they have already opened. Say, for example, a player has opened the Vulcan variant of the Stormstrider Boots. They can receive the Radiant variant later but never get the same Vulcan. Learn more about it here.

Currency Items

Here are some of the new currency items introduced with this new expansion which destroys two Sentinels to create a fully-charged Sentinel with a combination of their properties:

  • Power Core
  • Transforming Power Core
  • Amplifying Power Core
  • Augmenting Power Core

There are these as well:

  • Weapon Recombinator
    • Destroys two Weapons or Quivers to create a new Weapon or Quiver with a combination of their properties. Sometimes, the resultant item is modified unpredictably.
  • Armor Recombinator
    • Destroys two armors to create a new armor with a combination of their properties.
  • Jewelry Recombinator
    • Destroys two Jewelry items to create a new Jewelry item with a combination of their properties.

Read the complete update here.

Path of Exiles is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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