Path of Exile: Sentinel Revealed; What is the Latest Challenge League Mechanic?

Sentinel Expansion
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The latest expansion for Path of Exile has finally been revealed. It is called Sentinels, and you can probably guess what the latest challenge league mechanic is. Read further to learn more.

Challenge League Mechanic

In the upcoming challenge league, you will harness the power of Sentinels. They are items that can be equipped and are unique to this expansion only. They look like small flying robots that float beside you. While they look like they’re attacking the enemy, that’s actually not the case. These things can control the level of risk and reward on the battlefield. You can deploy the Sentinel at any time on the field.

There are three classes of Sentinels - Stalker, Pandemonium, and Apex. Stalker Sentinels will follow you for 30 seconds and empower dozens of monsters before they dissipate. They act like a deployable breach because you have control over what enemies you’re fighting when summoning Stalker Sentinels.

Unlike the previous class where you have control over which enemies you want to be empowered, Pandemonium Sentinels empower most of the monsters that can be seen on the screen. Because of this, it is recommended that you only use the Pandemonium Sentinel if you can handle lots of empowered monsters.

And lastly, Apex Sentinels only empower rare or unique monsters, which are more impactful when it comes to difficulty and reward. This is ideal to use when encountering bosses or packs of rare monsters.

The Sentinels can be found as you play. Initially, you have only one Sentinel slot available but you can eventually unlock two more just by playing Path of Exile ’s latest challenge league.

Mechanic Customization

The latest challenge league mechanic can be customized with Sentinel Controllers. In the controller's UI, you’ll find various nodes that can change the behavior of your Sentinels. For instance, the Stalker Sentinel can have a 10% chance to not consume charge on use.

Do keep in mind that the Sentinels only have a finite number of charges and they will turn into husks once they run out. Fortunately, you can combine these husks to assemble a new, fully-charged hybrid Sentinel using a Power Core. This hybrid Sentinel carries the special properties from the previous husks combined.

Because this process is complex and unpredictable, it is also possible that the newly formed hybrid carries properties that were not originally present in the depleted husks or input Sentinels.

You can learn more about the new challenge league mechanic here.

Path of Exile: Sentinels is set to launch on May 13.

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