Path of Exile: Patch 3.18.0b Hotfix 1 Implements the First Round of Adjustments for Archnemesis Mods

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Path of Exile: Sentinel was just launched last week. Enjoying it so far? If not, that’s understandable because the developers acknowledged that rare monsters since the expansion’s release were too strong for most people. This issue has something to do with Archnemesis mods, which is why implemented the first round of adjustments for these modifiers in Patch 3.18.0b Hotfix 1.

Archnemesis mods were first introduced in the previous expansion. They are special modifiers that make enemies a lot harder to deal with but in exchange for better loot. While the dev team is generally happy with the results, they’ve learned from community feedback that Path of Exile spawns monsters with a default of two modifiers quite liberally or more often than not. Thus, they will deliver changes that would make rare monster fights more bearable.

The first major change is that rare monsters would default to just one modifier each, effectively lowering the difficulty of the fight. This does not mean that monsters with two modifiers will no longer spawn; it just means that they’ll spawn less frequently than before.

Besides that, the devs also brought some balancing adjustments in Patch 3.18.0b Hotfix 1, and you can read them below:

  • Mana Siphoner
    • Reduced the Lightning Damage Over Time taken by Enemies in the Aura by 33%, and the amount of Mana lost per second by Enemies in the Aura by 67%. We are also looking to improve the visual clarity and reduce the size of the Ring in the near future
  • Incendiary
    • Now grants 100% increased Ignite Damage (previously 300%) and +50% to Fire Resistance (previously +75%)
  • Bloodletter
    • Now grants 50% increased Damage with Bleeding (previously 100%)
  • Assassin
    • Now grants 70% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes (previously take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes)
  • Drought Bringer
    • Nearby Enemies' Flasks now lose 6 Charges every 3 seconds (previously 15 Charges every 3 seconds)
  • Invulnerable
    • Can no longer appear on Magic Monsters, or Rare Monsters that aren't part of a Monster Pack (such as those spawned in Blight encounters). We plan to review this modifier further and make it more similar to the Benevolent Guardian Nemesis modifier
  • Reduced the number of Magic and Rare Monsters that can spawn in Ritual Encounters. The amount of Tribute granted by Rare and Magic Monsters has been increased to compensate for this change
  • Soul Conduit, Final Gasp, Mirror Image, and Opulent Monster modifiers can no longer appear on Ritual Monsters
  • The inherent Maximum Life bonuses from Monster modifiers no longer apply to Metamorphs

So, what can you say about the adjustments made to Archnemesis mods in Patch 3.18.0b Hotfix 1?

Path of Exile: Sentinel is available on PC.

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