Path of Exile: The Best New Atlas Passive Tree Keystones in Sentinel Expansion

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Developer Grinding Gear Games will launch the Sentinel expansion for Path of Exile this week. Recently, they’ve revealed some details about the new keystones coming to the Atlas passive tree. Read further to find out which are the best ones of the bunch.

Before anything, keystones in Path of Exile are unique and powerful nodes found in the passive skill tree and the Atlas skill tree. In the case of the latter, choosing the right keystones can influence certain parameters in maps. For instance, taking the new Dance of Destruction keystone passive makes monsters in your maps deal 25% more damage. However, they're easier to kill as they have 25% less life.

Best New Keystones

Twenty new keystones are arriving on the Atlas passive tree, courtesy of the Sentinel expansion. While all bring new stuff into the game, some truly stand out from the bunch. You can find the best keystones below:



  • Maps found have a 200% more chance to be Favored Maps.
  • Non-favored Maps found in your Maps drop as Basic Currency Items instead.

The favored map system for Path of Exile has been revamped in the Siege of the Atlas expansion. When maps are “favored,” their chances of dropping from monsters are increased.

So when Singular Focus is active, it raises the chance by 200%. Non-favored maps found while playing will drop as basic currency items instead.

This is a useful keystone if your goal is to complete the maps that you like the most.



  • Notable Atlas Passive Skills grant nothing.
  • 100% increased effect of Small Atlas Passive Skills.

If you prefer small Atlas passive skills over notable Atlas passives, the new Wandering Path keystone is for you.

When you invest in the Wandering Path, all notable passive skills (the ones denoted by stars around their icons in the skill tree) will have no effect. But it will increase the effect of small passives by 100%.



  • Small Atlas Passive Skills grant nothing.
  • Your Maps have a 1% increased Pack Size per Allocated Notable Atlas Passive Skill.

While the previous keystone increases the effect of small Atlas passive skills, this next one nullifies their effects for a good cause.

The Grand Design keystone "mutes" your small passive skills. But in return, your maps get a 1% increased pack size for every notable Atlas passive skill you have. If you have 10 notable passives, your maps will contain 10% more enemies than usual.

If you want to learn more about the new keystones, you can head to the game’s official website.

Path of Exile’s Sentinel expansion is expected to go live this Friday.

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