Path of Exile Introducing New Endgame Systems in Siege of the Atlas

A lot of changes coming.
A lot of changes coming. Grinding Gear Games

The Siege of the Atlas expansion is bringing some exciting changes to Path of Exile. Considered as the largest expansion to date, it’s set to revamp the entire endgame, feature the Archnemesis challenge league, introduce new unique and currency items, and add four more pinnacle bosses, to name a few.

The story goes, after players defeat Kitava, they get to meet Commander Kirac and join his militia to safeguard the Atlas of Worlds. The Envoy however informs players that two Eldritch Horrors - The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds - are approaching and will consume everything. But before facing the two, players have to hunt their respective sub-bosses.

Eldritch Implicit Modifiers

In a post, the team at Grinding Gear Games revealed that when it comes to expansions, there has to be a way to create the most powerful items in the game. For this upcoming expansion, there's a new item mechanic called Eldritch Implicit Modifiers. This new system has players apply Eldritch mods to already good items that they have. This way, there's more freedom to choose how to create the best items.

Expansion Features

Here are the other features that players can look forward to:

  • Updated Atlas
    • The endgame Atlas of Worlds has not only been simplified but made deeper.
    • The region system has been removed with the individual Atlas Passive Trees replaced by one gigantic Atlas-wide passive tree.
    • With this, players have a more flexible way of engaging in the content they like best while also increasing its challenge and reward.
  • Four Pinnacle Bosses
    • The new storyline is capped with four new Pinnacle Bosses.
    • They offer ultimate boss fights to those looking for additional challenges.
    • These bosses can potentially drop a selection of extremely valuable new unique items.
  • Archnemesis League
    • Players can collect modifiers to use on Petrified Monsters encountered throughout Wraeclast to create their own mini-boss fights.
    • Each modifier provides a reward and a monster behavior and stacks in subsequent fights to create progressively more dangerous and rewarding encounters.
    • These modifiers can be combined to create recipes for even more challenges and rewards.

The Siege of the Atlas expansion arrives in Path of Exile for PC on February 4 and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 9. Learn more about it here.

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