Omega Strikers Arrives on Multiple Platforms April 27

Ready for some footbrawl?
Ready for some footbrawl? Odyssey Interactive

The upcoming 3v3 footbrawler Omega Strikers is launching April 27 on multiple platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Actually, it really doesn't matter where you play since the game offers full cross-play and cross-progression functionality between these platforms.

Omega Strikers combines the best parts of modern competitive multiplayer games and weaves in goal-focused objectives, physical fun and knockouts, and character depth and mastery. Since the open beta back in 2022, new elements and features have been added to improve the multiplayer.

When the game is officially launched, here are some features that players can look forward to:

  • Choose Your Striker
    • The game features a wild and ever-growing roster of diverse and vibrant characters known as Strikers.
    • There are 15 Strikers available at launch.
    • Each is hand-crafted by Odyssey from anime-inspired character art and animations to each of their individual abilities which provide players of all playstyles a multitude of options to take into the arena.
  • Strategy Meets Chaos
    • Each match in Omega Strikers plays out over three quick rounds.
      • After each round, competitors have a chance to reset their strategy and upgrade their abilities.
      • The shared resource pool-pick order is determined by each players’ performance in the last round.
    • To win, teams need to work together, adjust to their opponent’s strategy, use their abilities and special Core Flips at the right time.
  • Evolved Arena
    • Each arena in the game not only has a different look and vibe but also changes up how the competition unfolds.
    • Arenas are equipped with custom layouts and unique environmental obstacles.
    • Each arena also provides a lens into the game's overarching narrative providing new details on the Strikers, their worlds, and backstories.
  • A Signature Style
    • Influenced by Odyssey Interactive’s love of anime culture, fans around the world have embraced the vibrant roster of the game.
    • Players can unlock cosmetic items for characters including skins, emotes, icons, and more through the Striker Affinity system.
  • Competitive Spirit
    • Players can queue solo or squad up with friends to compete against others in ranked, unranked, or custom game modes at launch.
    • At launch, get ready to try out the Rotating Goal Mode (RGM).
      • It features larger arenas with goals placed at different locations within as the core zips around at lightning speed and other modifications heighten the explosiveness of the matches.

Are you ready for some action?

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