Capes Arriving on PC and Consoles This Year

Coming soon to a new platform.
Coming soon to a new platform. Daedalic

More players are going to have the chance to play the upcoming superhero epic Capes. While initially developed for PC, the game is now planned for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, launching later this year.

This big change is mainly due to the partnership entered into by developer Spitfire Interactive with publisher Daedalic Entertainment. Spitfire Interactive is composed of former team members from Defiant Development, the ones responsible for Hand of Fate. Daedalic, meanwhile, publishes and develops high-quality games for all platforms.

Capes is a turn-based superhero strategy game where players need to assemble a team of unique heroes and fight to take back their city. The game is set in a world where two decades ago the supervillains won. Since then, they've managed to create a dystopian city and declared that developing superpowers is a crime. Nobody has been able to slow them down, until now.

Game features include:

  • Build your Team
    • Recruit new heroes, each having unique powers and abilities.
      • Every hero plays differently and needs a fresh approach when it comes to their powers and abilities.
    • Learn and exploit the unique playstyle of each hero.
      • Build their power in combat and allow them to unleash their personal tide-turning ultimates.
  • Turn-based Tactics
    • Enjoy heroic turn-based combat and test your strategic skills.
      • Team-ups and positioning matter.
      • Unlock new ways to approach each enemy type and supervillain encountered.
    • Capes combat isn't based on random numbers or lurking behind cover.
      • Power doesn't make you invulnerable.
      • Choices will make the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Team Up
    • Take up to 4 heroes to work together in each mission.
    • Each hero gets a unique team-up ability from each of their allies.
      • This allows them to work together to take advantage of their unique powers.
  • Upgrade Your Powers
    • Level up heroes to get access to new abilities and powerful upgrades.
    • Use skill points obtained from completing objectives and challenges to unlock their powers.
  • Challenge Your Heroes
    • Complete collections of hero specific challenges during missions to earn bonus skill points.
    • Unlock optional missions that give a deeper insight into each of the heroes.

A free demo of Capes is available on Steam.

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