Omega Strikers Coming to Various Platforms; Closed Beta for PC Now Available

Prepare to strike.
Prepare to strike. Odyssey Interactive

If you’re looking for the next multiplayer fix, then be on the lookout for Omega Strikers. This is a free-to-play cross-platform 3v3 knockout striker from independent game development studio Odyssey Interactive. The game offers an innovative mix of the best parts of modern competitive multiplayer games while weaving in character depth and mastery, physical fun and knockouts, and goal-focused objectives.

Omega Strikers is set to be launched on mobile devices later this year and then on all major consoles in 2023. Right now, a closed beta is available for the PC through Steam.

In a statement, Odyssey Interactive Co-Founder and President Dax Andrus revealed that the studio was established to ignite the competitive spirit of the next generation of players. He shared that the game builds on the lessons learned by their veterans through running some of the world’s most popular multiplayer games.

Omega Strikers offers players a roster of diverse and vibrant characters known as Strikers. Each character has a unique personality and set of abilities that can be used to smash opponents off the arena, control the core, and score goals.

The game is designed as a player-first and competitive free-to-play multiplayer game. That means no loot boxes, no consumable power boosts, or no paid competitive advantages. Strikers can be unlocked through regular play or by buying what players want through the in-game store. There will be bi-weekly updates to continually evolve the game experience by adding new Strikers, introducing new arenas, and offering fresh skins and new unlockables.

In Omega Strikers, matches have two teams of three players go against each other to score at least five goals. Players must work together and make necessary adjustments to the opponent’s strategy. Competition is at the center of the game, and players can queue solo or team up with friends to compete in ranked, unranked, or custom game modes.

Since the game is also being developed with cross-platform competition in mind, players can keep their hard-earned status and unlocked Strikers, no matter where they play. There’s also full cross-progression support.

Learn more about Omega Strikers here.

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