Omega Strikers: New Map and Gear Added in First Major Update

Omega Strikers New Content
Enjoy new content. Odyssey Interactive

A new update is now live on Omega Strikers. The first major update comes with new content, including a new map and new gear.

The new map is called Demon Dais and a perfect fit with the Oni twins of Ahten. This map has a unique barrier setup with two concentric circles which players have to break through. Once the outer barrier is broken, the speakers on the sides of the map are activated, pumping out sonic waves. The sonic waves push both Strikers and Core away from them. When the inner barrier of either team is broken, the speakers will be amplified, expanding the impact of the sound waves even further.

The new forward gear Siphoning Wand is introduced. When it hits, the gear deals bonus damage equal to 5% of the enemy's max stagger for 2.5 seconds. It also heals the user of the same amount.


The new update also adds cute and cool skins made possible through the first Creator VS. These are:

  • Creator Skins
    • Moist Asher
    • Rakin Juliette
    • Lily Juno Bee
  • Music Skins
    • Idol Ai.Mi
    • Pop King Kai
    • Soundwave Atlas

It goes without saying that the Ahten City Music Festival won't be as fun without visual effects. Get ready to see new goal explosions and even some emotes.

Bug Fixes

  • iOS users should no longer experience massive framerate drops when they take Tempo Swing awakening.
  • End of match screen in non-English languages no longer shows weird debug text.
  • Omega Strikers no longer crashes Nintendo Switch when playing in 60 FPS!
  • Core, goal gates, and goal barriers no longer disappear when dead.
  • Fixed an error that repeatedly caused players to fail to connect to games during the loading screen.
    • This one in particular is really nasty. It will likely still occur on consoles, so if this keeps happening to you, please let us know!
  • Battle pass icon has been updated to show Season 2 content.
  • Atlas Lab Recharge time indicator is now red instead of green. Just an additional warning that you should get away from the area instead of trying to pick it up because it will explode.
  • Various other small bug and crash fixes.

Omega Strikers is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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