3v3 Footbrawler Omega Strikers Now Available Worldwide

Ready, set... brawl!
Ready, set... brawl! Odyssey Interactive

The new 3v3 footbrawler Omega Strikers is finally on PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. In addition to being free-to-play, the game comes with full cross-platform functionality that includes cross-play and cross-progression.

Omega Strikers features an approachable goal-focused gameplay by offering physical fun and combining it with a deep character mastery of competitive multiplayer games. The core competitive experience involves two teams of three Strikers, each fighting to score points across three fast-paced rounds.

Players can choose from a roster of up to 15 different Strikers, each having their own unique personalities and abilities. Plus, each Striker comes with cosmetic upgrades, such as skins, animations, and reactions. They can also get more by buying it directly from the in-game store or through in-game progression with the Striker Affinity System.

In the game, teams need to work together and adjust to the strategy of their opponents, and use abilities and special Core Flips to win. The matches are played at individually crafted arenas with unique layouts, environmental obstacles, hazards, and buffs.

Other features of Omega Strikers include:

  • No Match the Same
    • Blast, bounce, and bullrush opponents into hectic and electric map hazards.
    • Sprint at breakneck speed on the Oni Village map and avoid a swirling gravity well on Atlas’s Lab.
    • Every match is different.
  • Play Anywhere
    • Compete with the best, whether you’re gaming with thumbs, sticks, keys, or clicks.
    • The game offers full cross-play on all platforms.
    • Cross-progression support lets you take your account anywhere.
  • Fast, Fun, and Free
    • Smash opponents off the arena and score goals in lightning-fast 3v3 matches.
    • Squad up with friends and choose from a growing cast of colorful Strikers.

In a statement, Odyssey Interactive president and co-founder Dax Andrus revealed that for this title, they wanted to develop a competitive game which is a blast to play. He added that the launch is just the start of a vibrant future and they’re excited to deliver new updates to players.

Ready to brawl?

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