Night of the Dead: Vehicle Handling Improved; Crosshair System Reworked

Night of the Dead Jacktostudio

Night of the Dead is a third-person survival game where you play as Lucy - a victim of a human experiment who is trying to survive in a zombie-infested city. In this game, you'll scour the vast island for resources and build a stronghold sturdy enough to survive the zombie plague. While you're at it, communicate with other survivors on the island and ask for their help so you can escape the isolated area successfully.

Recently, developer Jacktostudios deployed Update which brought a bunch of improvements, including reworks to both vehicle handling and crosshair system.

Now, driving in Night of the Dead feels a lot smoother. Furthermore, vehicles can climb steep slopes better, allowing you to go to higher areas with relative ease.

Aside from the reworked vehicle system, the crosshair in Night of the Dead is now always visible when using ranged weapons. The crosshair is also displayed for five seconds after initiating a melee attack.

Attack feedback has been added as well. This lets you know if your attack is a normal hit (red dot), critical hit (diamond), or headshot (triangle).

Reworked Crosshair System Jacktostudio

Patch Notes


  • Air-Control feature have been added.
  • The interaction for Lift-Up has been improved.
    • It was impossible to lift the vehicle if there was a rider on it.
  • If a vehicle or a building constructed on a vehicle crash with some of the loot objects, the loot objects will be destroyed.
  • Effects according to the durability of the vehicle have been added.
  • Vehicle or buildings constructed on top of vehicle do not collide with items.
  • The function for moving vehicle seats has been removed.

Game Systems

  • Hotkeys have been added to some UI buttons.
  • The limit for the number of repetitions in crafting has been increased to 999, and the Max/Min buttons have been added.
  • Building construction judgment has been modified and reinforced. > Buildings are built more easily when they overlap.
  • A warning popup is displayed when special characters are entered during game save.
  • Coils equipped are displayed in the character information window.
  • A message is displayed if the farm cannot be upgraded.
  • Key assignments that are 'None' are now assigned to the default key.
  • The animation for when zombies are hit or dead has been modified.
  • The game settings on the official server will be changed.
  • No Wave, PVP
  • The voice chat function has been removed.

Game Balancing

  • The drop rate of Tier 6 weapons has been modified.
  • The overall tier of equipment attachments has been changed.
  • As a result, the areas where farming is possible have changed.
  • The option of the knuckle handle has been changed. (Manipulability > Critical)
  • The additional option of the armor has been changed. (Manipulability > Stability)
  • Research on the speed of harvesting and sowing interactions has been increased(45% > 100%).
  • Continuous damage has been added to cold debuffs.
  • The zombies' responsiveness to the sound has been increased.

Night of the Dead Update is available on PC.

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