RimWorld: Console Edition Handle Animal Population Easier with Auto-Slaughter

Update 1.22 Ludeon Studios

Ludeon Studios has a new update for Rimworld: Console Edition, which includes new features that can make animal management easier.

Are you having trouble managing the animal population in RimWorld: Console Edition? If so, there's a new feature in Update 1.22 that lets you slaughter excess animals, so your animal pen won't get filled to the brim. To access this, just go to the "Animals" tab and at the top of the UI, select "Manage Auto-Slaughter" and then tweak things to your liking.

In the previous update, the company introduced custom scenarios where you can take a preset scenario and adjust some stuff according to your preferences. That said, Update 1.22 adds a new search function that lets you find specific items in custom scenarios quickly and easily.

This patch implements improvements as well. One of the most significant is that the sliders in-game now move faster when held for better adjusting of values.

You can find the other notable changes below:


  • Added: Extra colonist actions when drafted, to be able to select actions such as "Animal Attack" or to consume drugs while being drafted
  • Added: Faction label on world map sites
  • Added: Nutrition details to "Form Caravan" details menu
  • Added: Prisoner and slave icon for "Form Caravan" menu
  • Added: Slave icon to Relations, Social and Gear tab in Caravan tabs
  • Added: 5% and 75% connection strength bars to Psypowers
  • Added: Information pop ups for special filters, where descriptions are useful
  • Added: Techprint information for research popups


  • Added: The game now asks for confirmation before removing an operation bill
  • Improved: Changed bill removing from button hold to a press with a confirmation dialog, to speed up removing multiple bills
  • Improved: Selection menu controls height which previously could cause misalignment and bad margins
  • Improved: Adjusted spacing and size of new save icons in save/load menus
  • Improved: Multiple structure style changes to accommodate icons, making them fit in with other details panels
  • Improved: Custom icons in Scenario page now correct size and margin
  • Improved: Techprint requirement complete state is now updated in the research info popup
  • Improved: Error messages no longer stretch full screen width to improve readability
  • Improved: Refactor relations tab in character selection screen to avoid elements going out of bounds
  • Improved: Added backgrounds to popups in Ideology and Custom Scenario flows to make them easier to see
  • Improved: Popups in new flows now better fit the content by default
  • Removed: Right and left button prompts when no colonists are available on site


  • Crash fix: Addressed an issue within Custom scenario creation which caused a number of players to experience crashes on PlayStation 5
  • Improved: Seed length on PlayStation 4 is now unlimited, allowing better compatibility with PC seeds
  • Improved: Social logs will now update while the log screen is open
  • Improved: Better playback for Planet Killer animation

RimWorld: Console Edition Update 1.22 is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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