Zombie Cure Lab: New Mutated Zombies in Reworked Endgame

Zombie Cure Lab Major Update 3
Major Update 3 Thera Bytes

Has Zombie Cure Lab become too boring for you? Well, Major Update 3 shakes things up by introducing tougher enemies.

In Zombie Cure Lab, you can bolster your settlement's defenses to the point that eliminating zombie hordes becomes trivial. So, the developers have rebalanced the endgame in Major Update 3 by adding five new mutated zombies with terrifying weapons. These new zombies will arrive after you go beyond Threat Level 50. If you think that your heavily fortified tier four gates can keep them at bay, you're in for a rude awakening.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Developers also made other adjustments to make the endgame even more challenging! For one, zombie wave damage ramps up quicker past threat level 50. On top of that, the zombie AI has been overhauled, making zombies more responsive and able to jump quickly from fight to fight, creating new zombies along the way.

Patch Notes


  • A new hunter boss has been added for normal and hard difficulty. At night 15 a hunter boss appears that is very fast and will hunt down Humbie Level 1s. He quickly can make it through weak gates and workers can't escape a fight with him unharmed. (Hunter has placeholder art at the moment and is only playable in the normal and hard missions.)
  • Refill thresholds are now respected in all scenarios, an ice pack press close to a freezer tower will only be emptied to refill the freezer tower when it has produced over its take out thresholds. (This was not the case before and could lead to defense towers being constantly refilled with only 1 ice pack).
  • 10+ new Zombie weapons added. Where the strongest possible Zombie weapon to spawn could deal 800 damage, the now strongest weapon can deal 10,000 damage, giving the Zombies room to grow stronger.
  • Rebalanced economy, build costs, resource gather rates and tier 4 research costs to counter various problems.
  • Vegetable patches contain half the number of vegetables, Meat growers require more vegetables to grow meat, and greenhouses and planters produce less vegetables. Make it harder to sustain worker population with food only affecting vegetable resource type, not necessarily harder to make meat.
  • Most tier 4 objects research costs increased by ~50%
  • Research Tier 2 walls, gates and fences now cost more stone (300 each). Stone costs were increased in general for some buildings, especially tier 3 fences and gates and starting furnaces to make stone crusher a less feasible option.
  • Treatment across all treatment chambers is more expensive and takes partially a bit longer.
  • Harvest speed decreased by ~30-40% for all resources. It now is slower to gain lumber from trees, stone from rocks etc. This is mainly done to counter the huge humbie 1 workforces players can have in tier 2, tier 3 combined with harvest amount boni and Humbie Level 1 not needing to return at night.
  • Zombies spawned from workers (Humbie Zombies) now have weapons.
  • Guards from Tier 2 now do double damage, else they have no chance against Zombies past threat 15, which also makes it easier to contain frozen Zombies escaping from their storage.

So, what can you say about the endgame changes in Zombie Cure Lab Major Update 3?

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