Romancelvania: Players Can Now Dodge Attacks

Romancelvania The Deep End Games

Romancelvania is a side-scrolling action platformer/dating sim hybrid where you play as the lovelorn Drac who is thrown into a monster reality-dating show hosted by the Grim Reaper. In this game, you will slay baddies in your quest to find the most eligible partner out there. Developer The Deep End Games launched Update 1.1 for Romancelvania recently, and this major patch contains a ton of new additions and improvements.

First of all, Flairs in Romancelvania are special abilities useful as you progress through the story. For example, Mist Form, as the name implies, turns you into a mist when activated. What makes this cool is that you will not take damage from enemy fire and time slows down while you're in this form. That said, flairs are now toggled by tapping the right shoulder button in Update 1.1. On top of that, you can now use flairs by pressing the right trigger button.

The company also implemented a change where you now start the game with flair and all the weapon/trick slots filled to show you that there are multiple tricks and treats.

Another major addition is the dodge mechanic. Things can get pretty crazy in the game, so being able to dodge attacks is really helpful, especially in later stages. You can read the other significant changes and improvements brought by this patch below:


  • Steam Cloud saves are enabled.
  • Made performance updates to the castle and other areas of contention for the Steam Deck.



  • Added in more enemies.
  • Tuned Pumpkink to be less punishing.
  • Tuned physics on Rollkins.
  • New Gumdrop type!


  • Included a tutorial for the crystal system.
  • Improved the speed and hitbox of the sword to create more reliable hits when jumping.
  • Updated the Impaler so that it now dashes through enemies.
  • Retuned healing amounts on Treats


  • Improved guidance around the Retro Castle to avoid getting lost.
  • Added blocking volumes to keep you from getting launched during Lulu's fight.
  • Added blocking volumes to keep you from jumping out of Sea Weasel's basement.
  • Added signage to guide players more clearly to Fenton and Lightning.
  • Tuned the lightning in Thundercrack Hollow to be more forgiving. Also updated the walkpath to be less confusing.
  • Added safety nets for specific quest items in case players leave regions before picking them up.
  • Spaced the lollipops out so you can no longer get stuck on them.
  • Removed repeat conversation exploits.


  • Added further in-game feedback to communicate low-health state.
  • Added indicators to date and gift selection screens to more clearly indicate you can scroll to see more characters.
  • Fast Travel screen now toggles in order from left to right.
  • Added an Option to allow the Item Wheel to be a toggle or a hold.
  • Resized a number of screens to better fit at lower resolutions.

Romancelvania Update 1.1 is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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