Monster Hunter Rise Getting New Expansion Summer 2022

A new expansion on the horizon.
A new expansion on the horizon. Capcom

A new expansion for Monster Hunter Rise is slated for release in Summer 2022. Titled “Sunbreak,” it’s going to offer a new storyline which means more new monsters. There are also new locals, quest rank, and gameplay elements, among many others.

This expansion is going to be released simultaneously on Nintendo Switch and PC, which is a surprise. We say that since the game is still exclusive to Switch as the PC version is expected to be launched next year. At the very least, we get an idea of when the PC version is coming out.

You can watch the teaser trailer below:

If you weren’t able to watch this debut trailer, it shows a rather eerie new setting that serves as the backdrop of a new monster. The Capcom PR team revealed that more details on the new monster and new gameplay are to be revealed soon.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest addition to the Monster Hunter series and brings players to the Kamura Village. This tranquil village can attract visitors through its unique culture along with innovative hunting technologies. The core gameplay experience of this game is similar to the previous game in the series. Hunters need to equip their armor and choose from the different 14 weapon types. As players progress through the game and defeat monsters, the items carved can be used to make unique weapons and armor. This should increase their chances of future success and more importantly, survival. Players can take on challenges solo or with a maximum of three other players in cooperative local or online play.

While Monster Hunter Rise does honor the franchise, it also introduces new mechanics that even longtime players need to master. The game has “Wirebug,” a wire-based grappling action that players can perform while standing or even in mid-air. This brings a new level of aerial maneuverability when it comes to hunting and combat.

Another new to the series is the “Wyvern Riding” technique. The technique lets players temporarily control a monster which should give some truly exciting battle sequences. Other new features include hunting partners known as Palamutes and the rideable Canyne companions.

So are you excited about the upcoming expansion?

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