Ninjala Welcomes Monster Hunter Rise in Newest Crossover

An interesting collab.
An interesting collab. GungHo Online

Ninjala announced that the newest event is now live, and it's a collaboration with none other than Monster Hunter Rise. Running until May 26, this one offers players many collaboration items.

For example, by simply logging in to the game during the event, players can get the MHRise Palico Sticker for free. Another is they can earn one MHRise 1 IPPON Decoration as a battle reward.

For this collaboration, players can also grab three new themed Avatar costumes in the Specialty Shop. These are:

  • Kamura Style
    • Based on the Kamura Armor.
    • Costume: Kamura Garb
    • Headgear: Kamura Fancy Cord
    • Facial Accessories: Kamura Hachimaki
  • Rathalos Style
    • Made up of Rathalos armor set pieces.
    • Costume: Rathalos Mail
    • Headgear: Rathalos Helm
  • Aknosom Style
    • Based on the Aknosom Armor.
    • Costume: Aknosom Mail
    • Headgear: Aknosom Helm

Three new emotes can allow players to cook some monster meat with BBQ Sauces. Delicious as that sounds, be prepared for some BBQ Fail every now and then. The Weapon Sharpening, meanwhile, hopes to ensure that players are always ready for battle.

Players can also take the form of a Palico and Palamute using the new Gum Utsusemi.

Read more about what this collaboration can offer here.

Matsuri Festival

Besides the crossover, the game is launching the Ninjala Pass Matsuri (Festival), which runs from April 27 to May 5.

To get Ninja Pass rewards, players need to get tier points. The best way to earn points is to finish daily ninja missions. That’s because, for the duration of the event, players can earn more tier points from these missions. Plus, players can also renew their missions as often as they like for free.

Learn more about this event here.

Ninjala is a free-to-play multiplayer video game released on Nintendo Switch in June 2020. The game focuses on a tournament where players perform melee combat by using different types of weapons. Ninjala allows matches with as many as eight players via teams or a solo battle royale. Since its release, it has had collaborations with other games including Sonic the Hedgehog and Puzzle & Dragons .

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