Monster Hunter Rise Launching Another Limited-Time Demo March 11

Another chance to try out the game.
Another chance to try out the game. Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise announced the release of a second limited-time demo on March 11. This should be good news for those looking for more time to try out the game. In this demo, players can expect a higher difficulty hunt when it comes to Magnamalo.

The first demo was released back in January with four quests, which are all coming back to the second game demo. Those who played the January demo get to have their quest counter reset that gives them another chance to go against the Wyvern of Malice.

The arrival of a new demo was announced during the Monster Hunter Digital Event. Additionally, a new Rampage quest type has been revealed. In this quest, Hunters need to work with the people of the Kamura Village and put up defensive installations while also guarding the Stronghold barricades against many waves of invading monsters.

Silkbind Attacks

The Digital Event gave everyone a peek at several new features arriving in the game. One of these is the new Silkbind Attacks that are made available to all 14 weapon types.

Next, as hunters progress through the game, they’ll be able to unlock what’s known as Switch Skills. They can swap these new skills with current Silkbind or regular attacks. This allows players to come up with new combos and strategies that can match their playstyle.

New Features

The game is set to offer a new feature called dynamic difficulty scaling, especially useful for multiplayer. This feature automatically adjusts difficulty whenever players join or exit a hunt.

There is also a new Hunter Connect feature that lets players create tags with their objectives and playstyle. With this, they can search for other players having the same tags or be able to invite friends to any tags.

When completing a quest under multiplayer, players should be able to "like" other hunters which are members of their party. This should increase the chances of finding each other when it comes to matchmaking.

Finally, players can now capture the moment of their heroic accomplishments with the camera feature.

Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to be released worldwide on March 26 on Nintendo Switch.

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