Monster Hunter Rise Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Ready for the hunt?
Ready for the hunt? Capcom

The wait is finally over as Monster Hunter Rise is now out on Nintendo Switch. This latest addition to the Monster Hunter franchise puts players in the Kamura Village and at a time when villagers are preparing for a calamity called the Rampage.

Monster Hunter Rise lets players take on the challenges solo or through cooperative online play with a four-man team. Of course, with the versatility offered by the Switch system, players can hunt anytime, anywhere, and of course, with anyone.

Game Features

Monster Hunter Rise offers some new features that players will enjoy. One of these is the new “Wirebug” grappling mechanic. This allows hunters to grapple in any direction during a hunt. Not only that, it can be paired with each of the 14 different weapon types for unique “Silkbind Attacks.” When these attacks damage monsters, the targets become susceptible to what’s known as the “Wyvern riding” technique, a temporary ability to let players control a monster.

Another new feature is the Palamute hunting companions. These companions help players while on a hunt by lending their offensive capabilities. They are also able to carry the hunters on their back, which is very useful when chasing any monsters fleeing.

Players can look forward to “Switch Skills” that are available for each weapon they unlock through the game. Players can exchange these new skills with regular attacks or even Silkbind. This should open new combinations and strategies.

The Rampage

The game lets players explore the game’s expansive regions like the Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and Shrine Ruins. However, the main feature of the game is the Rampage quest where they must work with Kamura Village and prepare against incoming waves of monsters.

The question is can you survive the onslaught? Remember, you are up against both regular and Apex monsters.

Other Features

To enjoy the game better, Monster Hunter Rise includes a dynamic difficulty scaling for multiplayer. This feature makes adjustments to the game difficulty when a new player joins or exits a quest.


Monster Hunter Rise revealed like in other titles in the franchise, players can expect strong free post-launch support. The first title update, for example, is free set to roll out by late April. Developers have planned for many things but more information is to be released in the coming months.

Monster Hunter Rise is available in two editions: Standard Edition at $59.99 and Deluxe Edition at $69.99. Get the game here.

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