ICARUS: Much-Awaited Galileo Update is Finally Here

Galileo Update Rocketwerkz

The first named content patch for the PvE survival game ICARUS is finally here! The much-awaited Galileo update introduced some interesting new mechanics, including fishing and bestiary.

Let's Go Fish!

The main highlight of the Galileo update is the new fishing system, a recreational activity that players can engage in at any time. Now, every body of water in ICARUS contains fish, may it be lakes, rivers, or waterfalls. The core premise is to craft a fishing rod, attach a lure, and then cast it out into a body of water until a fish takes the bait.

There are currently 53 species of fish in the game, so players are encouraged to go out there and catch them all. The rare species are hard to find but players can get some clues regarding their whereabouts by capturing their more common counterparts.

Fishing Rocketwerkz

So, what happens to the fish when they are caught? Players can either put them in war trophies/aquariums which they can display proudly in their hideouts, or use the meat for food buffs.

Complete Guidebook

Another major feature added by the Galileo update is the Bestiary. This is a guidebook that has all the information players need about the creatures they encounter in the game.

They can gain Bestiary progress when they kill, skin, fall victim to, or craft trophies of different creatures. As they interact with the same creature over and over again, they unlock more details about that creature, including its lore, traits, and weaknesses.

Here are the benefits from progressing Bestiary:

  • 1%: The creature's name and habitat
  • 10%: Lore about the creature
  • 20%: Creature traits: weaknesses, strengths and unique behavior
  • 30%: Additional Lore about the creature
  • 40%: Gain a perk related to the creature
  • 60%: The creature's unique loot table
  • 80%: Additional Lore about the creature
  • 100%: Another perk related to the creature
Bestiary Rocketwerkz

It is worth noting that players get a permanent 1% extra damage and 1% damage reduction against a creature if they've gained 20% progress of that particular creature's Bestiary entry. For example, players who have 40% progress on Deer will get 2% extra damage/damage reduction against it.


  • Fixing issue where Fish that have not been added to the game where being displayed in the bestiary
  • Adjust the Fish Quality and catch rate equation to balance out the quality of catches for both low end rods & talents to high end rods and talents
  • Fixed the scale of dark paintings so the image fits the frame
  • Greatly increased the effectiveness of lures.
  • Fixed some lure stats.
  • Rebalanced recipes on lures, ensuring lures of a similar tier have similar costs, and lower tier lures cost less.
  • Removed the bonus fish quality provided by the base fishing rod.
  • Reduced the fish quality provided by rare fish lures but greatly increased the rare fish chance.
  • Lowered the fish quality provided by talents
  • Fixing "Yes Chef" Achievement to remove New Frontiers Food

ICARUS Galileo update is available on PC.

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