ICARUS: New Stone Statue Decorations to Spruce Up Your Settlement Added in Week 69 Update

Week 69 Update
Week 69 Update Steam

ICARUS received a patch not long ago that introduced a set of stone statue decorations, which you can create to liven up your settlement.

The Week 69 Update adds craftable stone statue decorations via the Tier 2 Masonry Bench. Make sure to research the Stone Statue Set from the tech tree to get started. Here’s a rundown of the stone statues you can create:

  • Stone Komodo Statue
  • Stone Rabbit Statue
  • Stone Caveworm Statue
  • Stone Elephant Statue
  • Stone Deer Statue
  • Stone Buffalo Statue
  • Stone Piranha Statue

Additionally, new Wooden and Bronze statues are included in this update, which can be crafted at the Rustic Bench. They are:

  • Bronze Scorpion Statue
  • Bronze Elephant Statue
  • Wood Deer Statue
  • Wood Buffalo Statue
  • Wood Rabbit Statue
  • Wood Piranha Statue

News About Galileo

The upcoming major update for ICARUS codenamed Galileo will be coming in a few months. That said, the developers made huge strides in terms of Bestiary and in-game achievements.

First of all, the achievement list has been finalized and they are now putting on the necessary events in-game to trigger the achievements to be granted in Steam.

The Bestiary rewards are nearly complete as well. They’re now adding the finishing touches by hooking the Bestiary concept up to the data tables to accurately record your kills and rewards. This will undergo further balancing and testing before the final release to ensure that everything’s working as intended.


  • Adding Stone and Wood Statues for Various Creatures
  • Adding a new Talent for the stone statues
  • Adding Stone and Wood Recipes for the new Creature Statues
  • Fix new Statue recipes pointing to wrong outputs
  • Removed "Decoration" from naming scheme for Statues as its unnecessary and has already caused duplicates
  • Add icons for Statues
  • Standardized naming scheme for Alpha Sandworm Statue
  • Fixed SnowLeopard Statue BP pointing to wrong mesh
  • Adding Descriptions and Lore for Stone Statues
  • Added destructible mesh assets to stone statues
  • Fix an issue where the cosmetic visual "frost effect" would stay on screen if the modifier expires when the player is seated or dead
  • Prevent the cold/heat modifiers from being recreated/reapplied every time the temperature changes
  • Prevent the cold/heat modifiers from being recreated/reapplied every time the temperature change
  • Create drop bag for cart items when full cart is unequipped from mount
  • Fixed rain and snow coming through building pieces when highlighting with repair hammer
  • IRONCLAD: Fixed snap points not being set up correctly after spawning
  • Fixed bug where mounts weren't correctly using the desired movement/behavior after player dismounted, should no longer need to un-toggle and re-toggle to re-apply desired behaviors. Significantly improved jelly legs issue that could occur if the game hitched while riding a mount

ICARUS Week 69 Update is available on PC.

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