ICARUS: Week 70 Update Adds Two New Vegetables with Unique Perks

Week 70 Update
Week 70 Update Steam

Developer Rocketwerkz launched a new patch for its popular survival game ICARUS. The Week 70 update adds two new vegetables: the Kumara and the Rhubarb.

New Vegetables

Unlike the other vegetables in ICARUS, the new Kumara and Rhubarb can only be acquired by completing SMPL3 (Simplified Mission Prospector Liaison V3) missions. Not only that but it is also subject to RNG, meaning you’re not guaranteed to get missions with either vegetable as a reward. Anyway, use the Short Range Radio to receive an SMPL3 mission to get things started.

These new vegetables can be cooked into scrumptious meals which provide useful buffs. For example, the Shepherd's Roll, requiring pastry, Kumara, raw meat, and carrot, gives the following:

  • +150 max HP
  • +150 max stamina
  • +15% health regeneration
  • +15% melee attack speed
  • +15% projectile damage
  • +10% XP gain
Week 70 Update
Week 70 Update Steam

Patch Notes

  • Added HRB_Kumara with Stage 1 to Stage 5 variants, as well as dead variant
  • Added ITM_Kumara with data table entries, as well as added the growth stages to the data table
  • Adding Kumara Icon
  • Adding correct sounds for Kumara and Rhubarb
  • Removing Feature level flag from Kumara and Rhubarb Dynamic Quest Rewards and Recipes
  • Adding Rhubarb Icon
  • New vegetables dynamic missions reward increased in likelihood 3x and rewards 2 to 3x more vegetables
  • Updated recipes that are not purely fruit and vegetable to not scale off of the Vegetarian talent
  • Modify MinScreenSize engine setting for Foliage to be smaller, allowing more control over culling distance of foliage assets
  • Initial pass on culling distances for numerous foliage assets for optimization
  • Add PerInstanceFade node to IceRockSmall master to help blend culling
  • Added FoliagePicker Utility to show and select what foliage is being looked at because UE4 foliage tooling is incredibly terrible. NB: only supported by Foliage which has collision (so no FoliageOverlap assets)
  • Fixed some typos found by our translation community
  • Fixed typo in description for wooden buffalo cart
  • Created reloading montage for the hunting rifle, set correct start, loop, end behavior and added to firearm table. Hunting Rifle now has visible bullets when reloading
  • Adding correct audio data table entry to stone statues
  • Fix an exploit where save/load with an active food buff and long lasting food talent stat would increase the duration of the food buff
  • Fixed bug where juveniles weren't being initialized correctly, leading to baby deer not being cleaned up when parent despawned
  • Increased max trace distance of underground checks for a few more EQS
  • Increased max distance of trace that checks potential spawn points aren't underground, should fix a few cases where creatures/quest actors are spawning inside cliff faces

ICARUS Week 70 update is available on PC.

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