House Party to Leave Early Access March 2022

Good news.
Good news. Eek! Games

While it took some time, House Party is almost at the finish line. By that, we mean they’re preparing to leave Early Access. Developer Eek! Games had long been saying it but we finally now have a date: March 2022.

For those who’ve been following the game, there’s no doubt the journey has been quite long. Eek! Games pretty much admitted that, though to be fair, there have been many additions to the game during its infancy. But with the upcoming exit from Early Access, it seems that the main content is finished.

There’s another piece of good news. Once the game leaves Early Access, a new DLC pack will arrive. This upcoming DLC lets players invite a new guest to the party. Not much was revealed as to who this guest is but it’s said to be someone players “may recognize.”

Talking more about this upcoming milestone, Eek! Games shared that the game has come a long way from being a one-man show to a full team. In addition, the team also had to hurdle several challenges, particularly from the media, due mainly to the content of the game. Still, the team hopes that their success would allow other developers and games in the same genre to come out and be released.

Finally, the team thanked all those who bought the game and supported them on this journey. As it stands, House Party continues to carry "Very Positive" reviews on Steam.

Eek! Games ended the announcement by sharing that they are now in the process of finishing the Vickie “finale” story. Once that’s done, all systems go for the female main character playthrough.

House Party went live on Steam Early Access back in 2017. The game managed to sell 30,000 copies in the first few weeks with total sales of the first year reported around 300,000 copies. In terms of gameplay, House Party offers players a point-and-click adventure in a sandbox setting. As the title implies, players attend a party and get to interact with different characters, each having unique personalities.

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