House Party Update 0.18.2 Reworked Brittney's and Katherine's Outfits

Stable release is here.
Stable release is here. Eek! Games

House Party released an update that introduces outfit reworks for Brittney and Katherine. Dubbed as Stable Release 0.18.2, it brings some bug fixes and lots of polish.

For the outfit rework, Brittney got an updated patriotic bathing suit along with a cute new top for Date Night With Brittney. Also, the update reworked her regular in-game shirt to give it a new sexy look. Katherine’s updated outfit includes fishnets, a red skirt, a black tee, and a choker. The update improves skinning for both characters too.

Update 0.18.2 brings some excellent visual/UI improvements. There’s now a new radial menu that comes with a fresh visual style. It supports as many as 12 elements on the screen at a time. That means when players click on an NPC, it offers a new look when choosing interactions.

Another change is the intimacy reward of Katherine and Rachael. The reward in the Original Story is now “modernized.” Players can now make use of all the available intimacy positions. Other updated rewards include Madison's from “The Muse” and Leah's from “Broken Code.” For Stephanie, the updated reward is from “Special Tutoring.”

Finally, the intimacy reward of Leah’s Hellion/”evil” is now repeatable. But developer Eek! Games said that “the Player won’t exactly be in control of such fortuitous second, third, fourth, or seventieth rounds.”

Speaking of intimacy, the Intimacy Console Command now informs players if they are wasting their time when they make a Character, who is Asexual, be sexual. The good news, if you can call it, is it won’t go as far as to make players feel bad, per se.

It’s not just girls who got an update. Frank’s popcorn has a new model. It can now be thrown around as well.

Some other changes in the update include:

  • Improved radial menu UI
  • Updated avatar images for characters that have new outfits
  • Updated loading tooltip to be static in the loading UI
  • Reduced brightness on a few interactive objects
  • Improved lighting on the erotic prickly vegetation
  • Fixed Brittney’s hands deforming during sex and clipping through drinks
  • Added censored versions of all character texture maps

You can view the complete patch notes here.

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