House Party “Balls to the Wall” Biggest Early Access Update

It's time to party.
It's time to party. Eek Games!

The Frank 0.19.4 stable release is now live in House Party. Bigger by 20% compared to the last major update, this is pretty much the largest single update so far and it offers what can be described as “A Big Ball of Mystery.”

The new update isn’t just about Frank's story since there’s also the new cutscene-style intimacy system. Plus, Frank, Katherine, Rachael, and Vickie now have a unique “finale” cutscene.

Frank’s Storyline

Frank’s storyline now has a major branching ending that depends on players' decisions made at the party. There are five new Original Story Opportunities as well.

Players should also be happy to know that the Opportunities UI has been improved. With this, players can now know what Opportunities they’ve discovered, finished, or failed. It informs them too of any Opportunities that they may have missed.

As part of the storyline, players can now challenge Derek to a dance-off. He’s going to be tough to beat but not to worry as there are some items in the party that can help you win.

Plans for 2021

The new cutscene-style intimacy system enabled more intimate moments and as such, the dev team shared more of these are planned for all the characters.

There are now also two new ultra-secret items hidden in Madison’s place. When found, they can help players win affection from their favorite character.

With the new update now in place, Eek! Games got big plans including more updates. A new DLC is in the work and will offer female POV storylines. Yet the biggest news would be the exit from early access by March 2022.

House Party is a 3D comedy adventure, dating sim available on PC through Steam. The game offers a point-and-click adventure sandbox style. Players attend a house party (duh!) and interact with different people at the event. Each guest has a unique personality and preferences. Actions that players make in the game control not only the gameplay but also the direction of the story.

The game is still in early access but has since then been signed on by at least 800,000 players.

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