House Party Beta 0.19.3 Now Ready for Testing

New content ready for testing.
New content ready for testing. Eek! Games

The latest version of House Party is now available to all beta testers. Version 0.19.3 has the Frank storyline complete with all content added and some other things fine-tuned. What this means is that don’t expect to have any new Frank playable content for now. Still, this is good to dive into his storyline.

In a post, the Eek! Team shared that for this update, a lot of the voice acting has also been updated. Players should be glad to know that they’ll no longer be reading text with only music in the background. That’s because the voice actors did an excellent job on the dialogues.

So what else is new? The team revealed that their artists made some minor changes to the visuals like adding a T-Posing floating animation pose and even some truly sweet cutscenes. The team said to check the new changes in the current ending for Vickie and the “Dare Interference” finale for Rachael.

Version 0.19.3 now allows players to get intimate faster. It can be recalled that in previous updates, the time to recharge the “intimacy fluid” was increased. In this one though, players can now get bonuses that help with the recharge rate. To experience this change, the team said that they can practice their “climax skills” as part of Vickie’s “Training Day” Opportunity.

This new version fixed some bugs as well that were reported by players during the previous alpha tests. For example, the Game Grumps balloon no longer gets “stuck” when the player is saving and loading. There should also be no more issues with music restarting and getting cut off. Another fix that players can experience is that the FOV slider no longer resets itself when entering the Graphics menu.

You can view the changelog for 0.19.3 here.

House Party is a 3D point-and-click adventure that’s all about player choice and partying the way you want. Indeed, this sandbox adventure game shows that even the simplest of choices can have a large impact on the gameplay. There are thousands of unique branching narratives along with 15 unique NPCs that react based on the player's actions. By the way, did we mention that this is an NSFW game?

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