Hearthstone: Get Ready for Professor Putricide When Battlegrounds Season 3 Starts January 17

Professor Putricide is ready to take over.
Professor Putricide is ready to take over. Blizzard

Attention Hearthstone players! Season 3 of Battlegrounds is all set to start on January 17. Once it goes live, Professor Putricide is going to be at the helm and replacing Battlegrounds Quests with his new creations. The Professor is also showcasing a new Hero Power, which is Build an Undead where he allows players to craft a maximum of three Undead throughout the game.

Regarding the new creations of the Profession, 32 new minions are set to make their presence felt in Battlegrounds when the new season arrives. Of the new minions, 16 are Undead which revolve around death effects like Reborn and Deathrattle. Meanwhile, 11 are dual-type which have synergies with two different minion types at the same time.

Battlegrounds Track Refresh

When the new season starts, players are going to switch over and begin earning rewards on the Season 3 Battlegrounds Track. In this new season, The Battle for Silvermoon spills into Battlegrounds. That means the track comes with new Scourge-themed and new Silvermoon-themed cosmetics.

Those who get the Season Pass immediately obtain +2 Hero options at the start of each game while also unlocking all stages of the new Silvermoon Legendary Strike. There's also as many as 15 additional Hero Skins to be earned.

You can view the complete list of rewards here.

Preview Event

For those who want to know more, there's a preview event happening today from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (ET). Different teams from NA, LATAM, and EMEA are competing and Professor Putricide is out to make the perfect Battlegrounds team by mixing them up.

Players compete in three teams: Team Nerubian, Team Eternal, and Team Abomination. After each round, each team trades one player for a player from another team. Teams keep playing and mixing until the time for the event is up and the winning team is deemed "Plague Perfected." For the winning team, each member gets 15 Season Passes that they can distribute to their communities.

The teams and members are:

  • Team Nerubian (LATAM)
    • CerealforMe
    • Tesdey
    • victorHS
    • Adnokinha
    • Japagou
    • Eduquesa
    • Ko3h
    • Pikachuu
  • Team Eternal (NA)
    • Kripp
    • Nicholena
    • Bofur
    • DogDog
    • SunBacon
    • EducatedCollins
    • CeeCee_Lia
    • MissBowers
  • Team Abomination (EMEA)
    • RDU
    • CarryPotter
    • SuperJJ
    • Ixxdeee
    • ShadyBunny
    • Oliech
    • Sunglitters
    • Tylerootd

Here's what's going to sweeten the deal. Each competitor will be streaming from their perspective and each will also have extra Season Pass codes to give away throughout the event.

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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