Hearthstone: Patch 25.0 Changes to Card Bucket System for Duels

A revamp is here.
A revamp is here. Blizzard

Patch 25.0 for Hearthstone is now live and one of the changes it brings is the updated Duels card bucket system, which also removes the "Group Learning" bucket.

That's not all. In this new patch, all other buckets are adjusted to give cards by expansion rather than by grouped type of effect. In addition, cards for buckets are set to be generated based on cards from the deck of the player and then a bucket is generated based on the associated bucket pool.

Get Enhanced

Of course, there are also updates for Battlegrounds. One is the addition of the new hero Enhance-o-Mechano (Armor Tier 1), which has the skill:

  • Passive. After each Refresh, give a minion in Bob’s Tavern Taunt, Reborn, Windfury, or Divine Shield.

Now, before you get too excited, the development team has clarified that the odds of each “enhancification” are equal, meaning at 25%. However, a minion won't be given a keyword that it already has.

Aside from a new hero, there is also a new quest reward:

  • Enhance-a-matic: At the start of your turn, get an Enhanced Part that gives +5/+5 and a random bonus.

Meet the New Mercenary

For Mercenaries, players should be happy to know that it's now possible to earn Rattlegore through all normal means. There's a new mercenary in Chromie (Epic Protector), which can be obtained on the 25.0 Rewards Track. Her details are:

  • Gnome—4/84 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities
    • Rewind 5: (Arcane-Speed 8) Deal 17 damage to a character. Deathblow: Its neighbors go last next turn.
    • Reading Chromie 5: (Arcane-Speed 6, Cooldown 1) Deal 22 damage. Gains +5 damage each time you cast an ability with higher speed than this.
    • Change the Timeline 5: (Arcane-Speed 5, Cooldown 2) Gain +20 Health. For two turns, abilities with higher speed act first. (Starts off Cooldown).
  • Equipment
    • Stroke of Midnight 4: Battlecry: Activate Change the Timeline for one turn. It goes on Cooldown for 2 turns.
    • Chaos Theory 4: The first time this Merc dies, rewind to the start of the turn and give your characters +8 Health.
    • Body Euphoria 4: Start of Game: Give your Gnomes +10/+20.

Learn more about Patch 25.0. This new patch also prepares the way for the March of the Lich King expansion which you can read here. Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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