Hearthstone Makes Changes to Three Cards in Patch 20.8.2

A small patch.
A small patch. Blizzard

A small update has been released for Hearthstone which introduced changes to three cards in Standard. These are Apotheosis, Renew, and Gibberling.

Patch 20.8.2 also fixed a few bugs in Battlegrounds. Players should be happy to know that the Darkmoon Prizes have been adjusted. This is to make sure that even players who are placed at the bottom half of the leaderboard get good prizes.

Archdruid Hamuul in Battlegrounds got updated as well. Now when the minion types are tied, he’s not going to refresh Bob’s Tavern with minion types that aren’t in the pool.

Updated as well is the wording of the fully upgraded Battlegrounds Hero Power for Kurtrus Ashfallen. However, there’s no functional change since this is only to clarify the one-time completion.

Nerfing a Combo

Here is the change for Apotheosis:

  • Old: Give a minion +2/+3 and Lifesteal.
  • New: Give a minion +1/+2 and Lifesteal.

Apotheosis is the first of two changes coming to Priest. According to the dev team, Priests are always known for healing. However, this card resulted in opponents trying to remove minions as fast as possible. With this small nerf, it should make dealing with minion post-Apotheosis a little easier.

This change also nerfs the Samuro + Apotheosis combo, which can be too punishing. By lowering the attack, the combo enters a much healthier push/pull state.

A Bit More Expensive

The second change to Priest is Renew, which now costs two mana instead of one. This change is sure to make a large impact. With a higher mana cost, players should carefully think about including it during deckbuilding.

Now at Two Mana

Increased as well is the mana cost for Gibberling which is now at two instead of one. The Dev Team revealed that matches with decks having this card are pretty much lopsided especially for the early games. At two mana, it should allow opponents to respond during matches.

New Expansion

Back in early July, it was announced that a new expansion is set to arrive on August 3. There’s a lot of new content coming like Questline cards, so better prepare. Read more about the upcoming expansion here.

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