Hearthstone Puts the Spotlight on Alliance with United in Stormwind

A new expansion coming in August.
A new expansion coming in August. Blizzard

The Alliance is more than ready for its time on the stage with United in Stormwind for Hearthstone this August. Inspired by the city of Stormwind, this upcoming expansion is set to introduce 135 new cards on August 3.

One of the new things players can expect is the Questline cards that are added to every class. Each of these cards gives players a look into the journey of the new mercenary characters. Players start the game with these cards already in their hands, and for each step completed, they get a reward. There are a total of three tiers and finishing them leads to a Legendary mercenary minion.

New Features

For United in Stormwind, the new keyword is Tradeable. Cards with this keyword can be played like your typical cards having a cost of one Mana, and can be swapped with another card from the deck.

New as well are the Profession Tools which should be familiar to World of Warcraft players. These can be placed in the weapon slot to unlock some truly unique abilities. For example, the Paladin’s Prismatic Jewel Kit can increase the power of minions in a player’s hand every time a friendly minion loses a Divine Shield. Finally are the Mount cards which join the game as a minion buff.

Blizzard President J. Allen Brack shared in a statement that the new expansion is able to capture some of the memorable moments experienced by players when leveling up in World of Warcraft . He went on to say that they believe the players are sure to have fun with the new mechanics.

Pre-purchase is now accepted with the United in Stormwind Bundle offered at $49.99. It comes with 60 packs from the expansion, two random Legendary cards, and the Lady Katrana Prestor card back. The United in Stormwind Mega Bundle, meanwhile, is priced at $79.99 and includes:

  • 80 United in Stormwind card packs
  • Plus 5 Golden card packs (containing all Golden cards)
  • Two random Golden Legendary cards from United in Stormwind
  • The Lady Katrana Prestor Alternate Hero
  • The Lady Katrana Prestor card back
  • Perks for Hearthstone Battlegrounds that last until the next expansion
  • The Ve’nari Alternate Bartender for Hearthstone Battlegrounds
    • Usable in the game until August 31

Learn more about the United in Stormwind expansion here.

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