Hearthstone Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 Starts August 12

Who gets to be on top?
Who gets to be on top? Blizzard

If you want to see more Hearthstone competition, mark your calendar for Season 2 of the Grandmasters 2021 starting August 12. What’s even more exciting about this one is a new expansion coming so everyone gets to see just how the Grandmasters are going to make the best use of it.

The United in Stormwind is arriving in Hearthstone on August 3. Like with previous expansions, it brings new cards and new mechanics to the game. There’s going to be Questline cards, which are added to every class. The new keyword meanwhile is Tradeable, which is pretty much what it sounds like. Read more about it here.

Tournament Format

The Hearthstone team revealed in a post that to keep things consistent for the new season, the focus remains on improving weekly formats. For example, back in 2019, the Specialist was introduced as a simple replacement for Conquest. The team said that while the Specialist format was okay, it wasn’t the all-encompassing mode as expected. To explain further, this format could give the high-level competitive thinking that the team wanted. However, with individual matches sometimes lasting for several hours, the enjoyment of watching matches between top players dropped.

Thus for the upcoming season, Specialist will be removed from the pool. Instead, it’s going to alternate between Last Hero Standing and Conquest. Here’s the format for the new season:

  • Week 1 – Conquest
  • Week 2 – Last Hero Standing
  • Week 3 – Conquest
  • Week 4 – Last Hero Standing
  • Week 5 – Conquest
  • Week 6 – Last Hero Standing
  • Week 7 – Conquest
  • Week 8 – Conquest (Finals)


The new season almost means saying farewell to some Grandmasters and welcoming new ones. The 12 new players joining are:

  • Americas
    • CaelesLuna
    • DimitriKazov
    • Eggowaffle
    • MCBanterFace
  • Asia Pacific
    • okasinnsuke
    • grr
    • lambyseries
    • trahison
  • Europe
    • Bunnyhopper
    • Floki
    • Gaby
    • J4YOU

World Championship

The winners of each region will advance to the 2021 World Championship. Here, they face not only the top two players from the China Gold Series but also the Season 1 regional champions. Speaking of Season 1, the champions need to avoid relegation if they want to play in the 2021 World Championship.

So who are you rooting for in Season 2?

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