Hearthstone Patch 20.8: Updates to Battlegrounds and Duels

Major changes.
Major changes. Blizzard

A new patch has arrived for Hearthstone and it delivers major changes to Battlegrounds and Duels. In Battlegrounds, a new hero and new minion have been added.

With Patch 20.8 live, players who log in will get the Flightmaster Dungar Neutral Legendary minion for free. It also opens the pre-purchase for the newest expansion arriving on August 3. Read more about United in Stormwind here.


For Patch 20.8, a new hero comes to Battlegrounds: Kurtrus Ashfallen. His abilities are:

  • Final Showdown
    • [Passive] Buy 3 minions in 1 turn to give them +2/+2 and progress this.
  • Gain Momentum
    • [Passive] Buy 4 minions in 1 turn to give your hand and board +2/+2 and progress this.
  • Close the Portal
    • [Passive] Buy 5 minions in 1 turn to give ALL your minions this game +2/+2.

Kurtrus formally joins the game on July 15. Those with Battlegrounds Perks get early access before its release. Still on the matter of heroes, Lich King is again part of the Battlegrounds Hero pool. Shudderwock, however, has been removed from the pool for now.

For those who like Battlegrounds, here is some good news. The Darkmoon Prizes are making a return and will appear in one of four matches randomly. Meaning Darkmoon Prizes can appear in several games in a row or nothing in multiple games.

Book of Mercenaries Kurtrus

Kurtrus had a vision. It seems a Warlock in the Barrens is trying to summon Anetheron, the evil demon who took everything from Kurtrus during the Third War. Kurtrus abandons his fellow Demon Hunters to stop this Warlock. Along the way, he joins forces with Cariel Roame, the Paladin of the Silver Hand.

Once they reach Dreadmist Peak, they learn about the Cult of the Burning Blade. This Cult is set to be revealed in Book of Mercenaries Kurtrus on July 13. Players who can beat all eight bosses in this adventure are rewarded with one Demon Hunter pack, which contains only Demon Hunter cards from Standard.


There is no new content in Duels but there are some interesting updates. These include:

  • Dragonblood
    • Old: After a friendly Dragon dies, give your minions +1/+1.
    • New: After a friendly Dragon dies, give your minions +1/+2.
  • Hold the Line
    • Old: Your Taunt minions have +2 Attack during your opponent's turn.
    • New: Your Taunt minions have +3 Attack during your opponent's turn.
  • Invigorating Light
    • Old: After you play a Holy spell, restore 1 Health to all friendly characters.
    • New: Whenever you play a Holy spell, give +1 Health to all friendly minions.

You can view the complete patch notes here.

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