Stellaris First Contact Story Pack Now Available

Will you help or take advantage?
Will you help or take advantage? Paradox Interactive

The First Contact story pack for Stellaris is finally out on PC. This story pack introduces new interactions with civilizations that have yet to discover faster-than-light (FTL) travel. It's available for $14.99.

Many science fiction stories focus on what you would do when encountering a "less advanced" species, and this story pack tries to answer that. Once you meet these pre-FTL civilizations, you'll get access to a wide range of interactions. Of course, how they interact with you depends largely on their technology level and their awareness of your presence.

Hide and Seek

One highlight of the new story pack is the addition of cloaking technology. Applied on your ship, you should be able to observe in secret or surprise your enemies. Of course, you're not the only one with access to this technology, so you'll need to have good scanners and intel to not be surprised yourself.

New Origins

This story pack also brings New Origins:

  • Broken Shackles
    • You may have reached the stars, but it happened because you were taken as an alien captive.
    • You and other prisoners have finally taken over the ship and banded together to survive and try to thrive as a diverse new community.
    • It's time to rise to greatness and be noticed by your former captors.
  • Payback
    • No one believed you when you said that the world was being watched by an intelligent race, and you were proven right because they invaded.
    • Fortunately, your civilization was able to stop the invasion from a would-be conqueror from space.
    • With advanced technology now in your hands, it's time to learn more about what lies beyond the stars.
  • Fear of the Dark
    • You've been exploring your home system and have long suspected that there were others in the galaxy.

New Update

Launching along with the new story pack is the 3.7.2 Canis Minor update. With pre-FTL civilizations added, prepare for deeper interactions with Observation Posts built around planets of pre-FTL species to open new diplomacy and espionage options. This allows you to improve and harm relations, provide technology, and construct networks on those planets.

Other changes include:

  • Minor Artifacts
    • Economy reworked.
    • Artifact Action costs increased.
    • Archaeology Sites now give passive monthly income of Minor Artifacts.
  • Alien Zoos
    • No longer needs the alien pets deposit.
    • Can be built anywhere as long as there are pre-sapient or livestock pops.
    • It has a zookeeper.

Stellaris is available on PC.

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