Stellaris: First Contact Story Pack Arriving March 14

Get ready for a new story.
Get ready for a new story. Paradox Interactive

The new story pack of Stellaris is coming out March 14. Titled First Contact, it focuses on new interactions with civilizations that have not yet discovered faster-than-light travel or FTL. There are also new things to enjoy like new origins, story content, and game mechanics. Pre-orders for First Contact are now available on Steam.

Three Origins

One of the new features arriving in the game courtesy of the upcoming story pack is New Origins, which include:

  • Broken Shackles
    • You may have reached the stars, but it happened because you were taken as an alien captive.
    • You and other prisoners have finally taken over the ship and banded together to survive and try to thrive as a diverse new community.
    • It's time to rise to greatness and be noticed by your former captors.
  • Payback
    • No one believed you when you said that the world was being watched by an intelligent race, and you were proven right because they invaded.
    • Fortunately, your civilization was able to stop the invasion from a would-be conqueror from space.
    • With advanced technology now in your hands, it's time to learn more about what lies beyond the stars.
  • Fear of the Dark
    • You've been exploring your home system and have long suspected that there were others in the galaxy.

New Interaction Options

Once you meet pre-FTL civilizations, you’ll be given access to a wide range of interactions. Most of these depend on the level of technology that the civilization has along with their awareness of your presence. Is your arrival going to be greeted with a celebration or with violent panic?

New Technology

While it is indeed exciting to meet pre-FTL civilizations, what everyone will surely love about this new story pack is the introduction of Cloaking Technology. Ships can now be equipped with cloaking devices to conduct a survey in secret or catch enemies by surprise. There are also cloaked observation posts that allow you to observe those pre-FTL civilizations.

Of course, enemies also have access to this new technology so make sure that the intel and scanners you have are strong.

Free Update

Launching alongside First Contact is the 3.7 Canis Minor Update. This free update offers gameplay improvements and new Archaeotechnologies.

Stellaris is available on PC.

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