Stellaris: Console Edition Getting Overlord Expansion March 8

Raise your empire.
Raise your empire. Paradox Interactive

The Overlord expansion is coming to Stellaris: Console Edition March 8, offering players different ways to control their galactic empires. In addition to new mechanics, there are also new Enclaves to meet, Origins to explore, and Megastructures to build, all for the glory of the empire.

Overlord introduces players to vassalization mechanics, which let them specialize their subjects into economic powerhouses, defensive bulwarks, or technological masterminds. Players can also negotiate the terms of their subjects’ Vassal Contracts, with the ability to subsidize their income, restrict their expansion, and construct buildings on their worlds, to name a few.

New Origins

Overlord comes with five unique origins which opens up even more roleplay possibilities. There's the Imperial Fiefdom where players start as the subject of an advanced AI empire. There's also the Teachers of the Shroud origin where everyone starts as a Latent Psionic species in contact with the mysterious Shroudwalker Enclave.

Another origin is the Slingshot to the Stars where players get to discover the source of ancient lights in the night sky. Those who want to start as a civilization excelling in archaeology and mining should pick the Subterranean origin. Finally, the Progenitor Hive origin allows players to release the power of the progenitor.

New Enclave

Once the new expansion goes live, you will meet three new Enclaves and each offers unique galaxies. These are:

  • Shroudwalker Enclave
    • Allows players to pull back the veil of the Shroud.
  • Salvager Enclave
    • Can offer to scrap ships for resources or debris.
  • Mercenary Enclave
    • Players can choose one of their own fleets to lease out to other Empires.

New Megastructures

  • Orbital Ring
    • Be able to build taller than ever before.
    • This can be used as extra starbase capacity or further boost the economy of the planet.
  • Quantum Catapult
    • Sends fleets on a one-way trip across the galaxy.
    • Can ignore closed borders and hostile empires that would stand in the way and launch the ultimate surprise attack.
  • Hyper Relay Network
    • ​Allows players to transfer fleets and resources rapidly across their empire.

Overlord is included as part of the Stellaris Expansion Pass Five, which players can now buy. Those who already own the pass can immediately download this expansion once it goes live.

Stellaris: Console Edition is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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