Dying Light 2: Stay Human Lets Players Enjoy Community Maps Directly from the Game

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Do you like playing custom maps in Dying Light 2: Stay Human? If so, the recently released Good Night Good Luck update has added a new option that allows you to play on community maps directly from the main menu.

This is made possible via the game's official integration with Mod.io - a third-party platform that makes modding games and adding user-generated content quick and easy.

When you fire the game up, you will find the new "Community Maps" section on the main menu. Clicking on it presents you with a number of maps that you can enjoy in the game - all without painstakingly installing those maps yourself.

While this feature is a godsend, especially for those who love user-generated content, there are some things to keep in mind. Custom maps must be completed from start to finish because progress cannot be saved. Currently, co-op is currently not available for Community Maps, so going solo is the only option. And lastly, custom scripts that modify gameplay are not supported, meaning only custom maps are shown on the menu.

The Community Maps feature is available only on PC at the moment. However, according to the developers, it will arrive on other platforms later this year.

Patch Notes

Enhanced Graphics

  • Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of Kyle Crane's era with a new color grading option called "Harran Sunset."
  • Unleash your inner yeet-master with the ability to throw weapons and retrieve them later.
  • Enjoy improved UI changes at the beginning and end of the Dynamic Challenges.
  • An additional menu option to auto-skip opening movies on PC, saving you time and getting you into the action faster.
  • Preserve your unique character aesthetic by hiding your helmet using the new transmog options, allowing you to flaunt your signature Dying Drip.


  • The user is no longer able to use the "Afterboost" parkour skill without being active.
  • Anna's sentences during the Stolen Goods quest are louder.
  • Chase can be no longer be triggered during the Prometheus quest.
  • Waltz behavior improved during the chase sequence in the Veronica quest.
  • Volatile health bars should be visible again upon enabling that feature in the settings.
  • Dismembered body parts will no longer instantly disappear.
  • Renegade zones have their own characteristic sound of night coming.
  • 1H-weapon attack animations are faster than before.


  • Player will no longer be stuck in an empty screen upon closing the pop-up about too many save slots being occupied while starting a New Game.
  • News is no longer duplicated in the main menu.
  • The chase indicator no longer overlaps with XP gained icons.
  • Gunslinger Bundle is present in the in-game shop.
  • Main menu options were not highlighted correctly when the cursor was hovering over them.


  • Fixed missing materials in various locations.
  • Removed invisible walls that occurred in various locations.
  • Motion Blur settings in the game should stick to the set values.
  • Synchronization of some voice over lines with subtitles.
  • The game will no longer receive both inputs from mouse and keyboard while having two options selected.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Good Night Good Luck update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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