Dying Light 2 Update 1.8: Biters More Aggressive, Benchmark Option for PC Added

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The developers of Dying Light 2 promised a ton of post-launch support, and it looks like they are delivering on it. A major update that was made available yesterday has brought some much-needed features.

Biters’ behavior has changed and they are now more aggressive than before. The PC version of the game has received a Benchmark option, accessible via the video settings menu. An LOD Range Multiplier is added but using it will cause heavy performance loss, so use it with caution. A preset for Motion Sickness Reduction in the Accessibility menu is now available, while multiple rendering and lighting improvements have been made.

The rest of the highlights of the patch are mentioned below.

Gameplay Updates
  • No shortcuts! Removed a spot in the Opera that allowed players to skip all Madman From Villedor phases
  • Tweaked Skullface resistances to elemental damage, making him more challenging than before
  • Headshots with the bows should now deal the appropriate amount of damage
  • Tweaked player damage scaling in the Opera to make fights more challenging
  • Players are now able to drop rewards bought from Carnage Hall rewards vendor
  • Swing animations are now faster to feel more on par with Dying Light 1
  • True Nightrunner achievement should now be unlocked properly after completing all the Nightrunner trials
Co-op Updates
  • Improved infected AI during Run Boy Run Challenge in co-op
  • The game will now inform you if you’re trying to connect to a host that currently plays a dialogue or a cutscene
  • The trophy The Madman of Villedor will be unlocked in co-op after completing the Challenges
  • Between Two Fires Challenge progress is shared now, allowing players to finish it at once
  • Players are no longer able to bash through the doors that require the team to gather
  • Manica Shield Ice Mods are now upgradable
  • Manica Shield received sounds when playing in co-op
Technical Updates
  • Low-quality preset in Video Options sets XSS on a PC with an AMD card and turns on DX12
  • Players will no longer lose their money after accepting the best and reloading the game during Twin Brothers quest
  • Players will no longer get stuck while sliding into the vent shafts
  • Don Quixote achievement will now be granted after the player unlocks all the windmills in the game
  • [Xbox] Prologue forest will no longer be too dark during the daytime
  • Players are no longer able to bypass the Perfect Block tutorial
  • Reduced the number of times infected will grab the player
  • AI/Player will no longer shake after getting grabbed by Biters
  • Optimized memory usage in d3d12 mode improving game stability
  • Exposed setting for extending rendering range of highest level of detail geometry
  • Ray-tracing effects range is extended by 20%
  • Fixed lack of player shadows in photo mode when using ray tracing
  • Minor improvements to texture streaming
  • Improved tree shadows (LOD)
  • Improved fog and water reflections quality

You can read Dying Light 2 Update 1.8 via the official site.

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