Dying Light 2 Gut Feeling Update: Gear Transmog, Combat Improvements, and More

Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Techland

This is a good week for zombie video game fans! The long-awaited Dead Island 2 was released today and Techland’s latest title, Dying Light 2, also got a massive patch. Gut Feeling Update 1.10 introduced many highly-demanded features, including better gore and Gear Transmog, along with several balancing changes, bug fixes, and general improvements.

The Gear Transmog feature allows players to retain the stats of the gear while letting them change its appearance. The gore in the game has been improved as well, with more dismemberment and every limb can now be cut in three places. The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

Combat Improvements, including Brutality and Physicality
  • Cut Demolishers – and everything else – in half.
    • More dismemberment!
    • Every limb can be cut in 3 places.
    • New visualizations of damage done to enemies (visible bones, ribs, eyeballs, etc.).
  • VFX adjustments for blood and guts.
  • Players can rip out a chunk of flesh and leave a hole in the enemy’s body.
  • “Spill the beans” takes on a literal meaning with the possibility of ripping the guts from your foe.
  • New hit detection code for improved enemy reactions to being hit with a weapon.
  • More smashed head variants.
  • “Domino Ragdoll” introduced, where enemies can fall on each other, with a proper reaction to the force and weight that pushes them.
  • More ragdoll improvements for immersion and emergent gameplay.
  • Added an ability to dismember enemies through collisions with environment objects.
  • Support for Biters seamlessly falling from high ground, including rooftops.
  • Enemies can pass burning and electrocuted effects to each other.
  • Added new hit reactions and improved some of the existing ones.
Weapon Crafting
  • Crafting will happen with… Craftmasters (hooray!).
  • You will need to obtain weapon blueprints by exploring The City or claiming them as a reward. Then, you can find your claimed blueprints at the Craftmaster’s shop.
  • IMPORTANT: Blueprints are upgradable – the higher the blueprint level, the better the weapon quality you’ll get. A blueprint’s level dictates damage, durability, modification slots, and the number of affixes.
  • Affixes (additional stats like “Increased damage against Humans +20%”) are randomized when a weapon is created – so good luck, Pilgrims!
  • Crafting, as always, requires resources.

Gut Feeling Update 1.10 also features new in-game bounties, pilgrim outpost introduction, and more. You can check them out on the official website for more info. Dying Light 2 is currently on sale on Steam and can be purchased for only $29.99.

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