Dota 2: Battle Report and Weekend Spotlight Features Added in Dota Plus

New reasons to join Dota Plus.
New reasons to join Dota Plus. Valve

A while back, Valve promised us that a large update was coming to Dota 2. It looks like the studio delivered on that promise, and there’s a lot to unpack. In this one, we’re going to look at the new features added to the game, and these are only accessible to those with Dota Plus subscriptions.

Take a Deep Dive

The first feature is the Battle Report. This is a good feature for those who really want to improve their game. This analyzes the performance of all your matches in the previous season and calculates your best hero, role, and overall stats. It then compares that to other players at your skill level. Basically, it gives you a picture of what happened to you last season.

The Battle Report also offers an individualized Highlights screen for the trends and records you set and may need to beat. Those who want to go even deeper can do that with the sorting and filtering options. Players can now analyze their performance by hero, role, or even individual matches.

Turn on the Spotlight

Weekend Spotlight is a new queue where all players can enjoy different game modes and events while stocking up on these needed Dota Plus Shards.

The first mode is Ability Draft from June 8 to June 13. The second Weekend Spotlight from June 16 to June 20 will introduce the Overthrow Trios. This is a fast-paced update of the original version.

A New Way to Create Content

Another feature introduced is the Clip Builder, which should be good news to content creators. It's a new tool that allows players to choose and save a high-quality shareable video, whether replays or live games. The tool is simple: choose the start and end time of the clip. No third-party tools needed.

Improved Feature

While there are still more new features, we'd like to focus on the improved Avoid Player. This now allows players to take notes, meaning they can now put an explanation as to why they added a player to the avoid player list.

By default, the Avoid Player has 25 slots. Now it's possible to add more and expand the list by using Shards.

Check out all the new features available for Dota Plus here. Dota 2 is available on PC.

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