Dota 2: Axe Gets Buffed While Dazzle Now Has Two Ultimates with Patch 7.31

A lot of changes.
A lot of changes. Valve

Patch 7.31 for Dota 2 introduces buffs and nerfs for almost all heroes. For players in general, that means more game time to see how it all plays out. For pros, it means new stuff to learn with the new Tour just around the corner.

In terms of heroes, the new update introduces a new one to the fight. It’s a strength-based melee hero called the Primal Beast. There is also the rework done on Techies.

Axe Armor

Moving forward to the hero changes, one that appears to have benefitted from the new update is Axe. Some parts of his abilities have been nerfed while others buffed. When Axe kills a hero using his ultimate, he gets permanent +1/1.5/2 armor bonus depending on the level of the ultimate skill. The thing is, the damage of his Battle Hunger skills has been rescaled:

  • From: 16/24/32/40
  • To: 10/15/20/25 + 1x Axe's Armor

As if that’s not enough, one of his Level 20 is now +1 permanent armor per Culling Blade kill. By the way, the effect is retroactive.

Two Juju

The Juju in Dazzle is so strong that he now has two of them. His ultimate abilities are now:

  • Good Juju
    • Passive. Whenever Dazzle casts an ability, all of his abilities' cooldowns are reduced by 1/1.5/2 seconds.
  • Bad Juju
    • Whenever a unit is affected by one of Dazzle's abilities, they lose/gain 1/2/3 armor for 8/10/12 seconds.
    • Can be activated to deal 30/40/50 damage to all enemies and heal all allies by 30/40/50HP within 1200 radius.
    • Mana cost 50/75/100
    • CD: 15 seconds

His Aghanim’s Scepter has been reworked as well. When equipped, Good Juju reduces all of Dazzle's item cooldowns by 50% and can be cast on an ally to reset their item cooldowns. When cast on an ally, it has a 180-second cooldown and mana cost of 250.

Now with Aghanim's

Good news for Marci fans, she now has Aghanim effects. When equipped with Aghanim’s Scepter, the cooldown for Unleash is lowered by 10 seconds. While Unleash is active, her abilities trigger Unleash pulses.

Meanwhile, when equipped with Aghanim’s Shard, it allows Marci to set Rebound to auto-cast to throw the target instead of rebounding off them.

With these in mind, the two abilities mentioned have received changes:

  • Rebound
    • Can no longer target enemy units.
    • Ally movement speed bonus increased from 35% to 45%.
  • Unleash
    • Pulse damage reduced from 60/130/200 to 50/100/150.

Check out all the hero changes in Patch 7.31 here.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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