Dota 2: Everyone’s Favorite Trio, the Techies, Gets New Abilities

Bombs away.
Bombs away. Valve

It looks like Valve made good on their promise of making some changes to Techies. It was early this week when it was revealed that the new update for Dota 2 would rework the trio. Indeed, Patch 7.31 reworked them in a big way.

Before we go into the details, it’s worth noting that Valve added a bit of a story on why these changes happened.

Time for Teamwork

Apparently, the trio of Squee, Spleen, and Spoon are feeling down after losing a bunch of contracts. It seems that the choice was to always go for a better fit and leave Techies behind. Knowing that they need to find business, especially in these trying times, they made the decision to update their teams. It seems that the three have finally understood what the term "team players" meant.

This has led to Techies doing some brainstorming sessions and finding new ways to bring in the pain while making sure they're more equipped than ever to join the fight.

Improved Abilities

What do Techies bring to the table now? Proximity Mines has been upgraded as the new Ultimate. The basics are the same as before where it plants an invisible mine that can’t be detected even with True Sight. The mine becomes visible when an enemy is within the AoE. If that same enemy is standing in the effective area for one second, the mine detonates and deals damage and temporarily lowers their magic resistance.

Blast Off is still there but it no longer deals lethal damage to Techies. This should be good news to both the user and their teammates. This ability can be upgraded by getting Aghanim’s Shard. Once that happens, it increases the cast range by 300 while also applying a 1.75-second stun to affected enemies.

New Abilities

While Proximity Mines and Blast Off have been reworked, Stasis Trap and Remote Mines are no longer available.

One of the new abilities is Sticky Bomb where Techies lobs an area with a sticky bomb. If it lands next to an enemy unit, the bomb sticks to it and slows its movement speed. After a few seconds, the bomb explodes and deals damage where it was detonated.

Reactive Tazer, meanwhile, has Techies triggering an electric charge to give them bonus movement speed for a short period. While under its effects, enemies that attack Techies are temporarily disarmed. Once it ends, the charge explodes and disarms all enemies in a radius. When Techies get Aghanim’s Scepter, Reactive Tazer can now be cast on allies.

You can check out how the new abilities work here. The rework to Techies is part of Patch 7.31, which you can read more about here.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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