Dota 2: Make Way for the Primal Beast

The beast is here.
The beast is here. Valve

A new update has been released for Dota 2, and it introduces a new hero. The Primal Beast is a strength-based melee hero that's durable, a good initiator, and a disabler. In terms of complexity, this hero can be played even by those new to the game.

Learn the Lore

The Primal Beast is a creature born into existence feeling only hunger and pain. It was turned into an apex predator after eons of carnage on a planet filled with violent terrors. Its would-be masters tried and failed to control it resulting in the Primal Beast being banished.

Indeed, its arrival is said to be the reason why Mistwood deteriorated into a death-filled forest. After thousands of years, it was one day trapped in the Gleipnir. However, the unpredictable powers of the Continuum Device freed the beast not only from the Gleipnir but also from the Vault. The problem is that it was now far from Mistwood and closer to inhabited lands.


As a melee hero, the Primal Beast stomps over everything and smashes enemies into bits. Its first ability is known as Onslaught where Primal Beast charges up and then runs in the chosen direction, knocking back enemies and allies alike. Enemy units are damaged and stunned on impact. The longer the charge duration, the farther Primal Beast's momentum carries him.

The second ability is Trample where Primal Beast stomps over everything. For every 140.0 units traveled, all enemies around the Beast take base damage plus a multiplier of Primal Beast's attack damage. For the duration of the ability, Primal Beast is disarmed.

The third ability is Uproar which passively provides the Beast with base bonus damage. In addition, for each instance of 35.0 damage or more Primal Beast receives from enemy heroes, it accumulates stacks of Uproar. When activated, Primal Beast releases a roar that slows surrounding enemies and grants it additional attack damage and armor for seven seconds based on the current stacks of Uproar.

When equipped with Aghanim’s Shard, it learns Rock Throw. This ability lets Primal Beast throw a rock at the target location which stuns and damages enemies. The rock cannot be thrown within a minimum range of Primal Beast.


Its ultimate ability is Pulverize where the Primal Beast channels its rage, grabs a target enemy, and slams them into the ground repeatedly, damaging and mini-stunning any enemies caught in the AoE. It lasts 2.3 seconds, enough time for the Primal Beast to powerbomb the enemy.

See the different abilities in action here.

What do you think about this latest addition to the battle for the Ancients? Learn more about this new hero and Patch 7.31 here.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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