DC Universe Online Celebrates its Birthday with Gifts for Everyone

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Dimensional Ink Games

DC Universe Online had its anniversary this week. For those keeping count, this is the game's 11th birthday. In celebration of this latest milestone, there are free gifts for everyone.

Now before we go into what those gifts are, let's take a look first at the Attack of the Anti-Monitor Anniversary Event 2022. This anniversary event features open-world missions, the Centennial Collapse Raid, the Speed Force Flux Raid, and A World Past Hope and Fear Solo.

To start this event, players need to open their Mission Journal and look for "Monitoring the Situation." After that, they can then queue up for events in the On Duty menu or use the Warp Menu to go directly to the Metropolis Anti-Matter Invasion Zone. Here are some of the things that players can expect in this event:

  • Unlock gear inspired by Lex Luthor’s Battlesuit.
  • Discover two new collections for a title and new Bleed Auras.
  • Collect two new Boss Statues and other new base items.

All-Player Gifts

Now to the gifts! To celebrate this anniversary, all players get one free Character Advance to CR310. Everyone also receives a gear suit with the updated Lex Corp Salvation style. Log in to get the free advance and use it at character select or in character creation. The gifts, which are valued at more than $50, include:

  • CR 310 Skip with Lex Corp Salvation Style
  • Bleed Material
  • Episode 41 Posters (Base Items)
  • Episode 42 Posters (Base Items)

The free Character Advance and gifts are available until January 31. Once received, players can use it at once or save it for a later time. Just remember that there's only one gift per account.

Member Gifts

Of course, members get a special set of gifts worth over $75 and include:

  • NEW House of Legends Lair
  • House of Legends Base Item Pack
  • Bleed Chroma
  • Member Reward Box, with:
    • (1) Artifact Cache with choice of artifact
    • Catalysts
      • (11) Dionesium
      • (6) Quantum Field Energy
      • (3) Paradox Energy
    • (4) Seals of Preservation
    • Artifact XP (Total: 220,000)
      • (2) Perfected Nth Metal
      • (5) Reinforced Nth Metal
      • (7) Flawless Nth Metal
      • (1) Purified Nth Metal
    • Nth Metal Detector

DC Universe Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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