Get Your Hands on Free Gifts as DC Universe Online Celebrates Batman Day

Celebrate with the Dark Knight.
Celebrate with the Dark Knight. Dimensional Ink Games

Hardcore comic book fans know that one of the events being celebrated in September is Batman Day. It’s not a specific date but instead held every third Saturday of the month. That means for this year, it’s going to be this September 18.

In celebration, DC Universe Online is giving away free gifts. To get these, players simply need to log in between September 16 to September 30. The gifts are:

  • Batman Doll Accessory
  • Batwing Base Pet
  • Sixth Dimension Batman Emblem
  • Batman: The World - Poster Pack (8 posters, small and large)

Members also get something extra during the celebration. These are for players who have a subscription. The additional gifts are:

  • Flying Jester Blimp Base Pet
  • Enhanced Sixth Dimension Batman Emblem

Save the Universe

Back in August, DC Universe Online released Episode 41: House of Legends. One of the new content was Save the Universe and Part One started with Superman.

Part Two starts today and it’s all about Batman Classics. In this one, the Dark Knight is asking for help in investigating the Iceberg Lounge (solo). He’s also looking to set his timeline straight in Family Reunion (alert), and defend the Inner Sanctum of the Batcave (raid). This one ends on October 13 and is to be followed by Wonder Woman.

Manor Lair

Available as well is the Manor Lair theme. Inspired by none other than the Wayne Manor, it’s a new base layout that’s actually more house than a base. It features, among others, high ceilings, large rooms and halls, and a two-story foyer. There’s also the cave-like room at the back.

There is also the Manor Décor Pack at the Marketplace and contains these goodies:

  • 10x Elegant Potted Plants
  • 1x Glossed Black Piano
  • 8x Gray Classic Chairs
  • 8x Gray Classic Couches
  • 6x Long Granite Tables
  • 4x Mysterious Bookshelves - Large
  • 2x Ornate Boat Landscapes
  • 2x Ornate Cloud Landscapes
  • 2x Ornate Man Portraits
  • 2x Ornate River Landscapes
  • 2x Ornate Soldier Portraits
  • 2x Palatial Woman Portrait
  • 10x Potted Bamboo Plants
  • 3x Round Mansion Rugs
  • 12x Small Wall Lamps (Tan)
  • 6x Square Granite Coffee Tables
  • 6x Suits of Armor
  • 6x Thin Mansion Rugs
  • 6x Wayne Manor Curtains
  • 1x Wayne Family Portrait (New)
  • 1x Wayne Manor Chandelier (New)
  • 8x Wayne Manor Doors (New)
  • 1x Wayne Manor Secret Door (New)
  • 1x Batcave: Batwing (New)

Learn more about it here.

DC Universe Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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