Enter the House of Legends in Newest Episode of DC Universe Online

Ready to enter the house.
Ready to enter the house. Dimensional Ink

From the World of Flashpoint, heroes and villains now need to answer The Monitor’s call and enter the House of Legends. This is Episode 41 of DC Universe Online and is available for free to all players.

There’s a lot of new things like the new shared hub along with an updated On Duty. Other new things are the Allies system, access level upgrades, and Save the Universe up-leveled classic content.

A New Hub

Let’s start with the new hub which is the titular House of Legends. Here, both heroes and villains can train and prepare to fight against a looming multiversal threat. It’s located in The Bleed, a plane between universes and where the likes of Tempus Fuginaut and Harbinger watch what happens in the multiverse.

Here are some details of this new hub:

  • The House of Legends serves as a new hub or headquarters shared by both factions. It’s an alternative to the Watchtower and the Hall of Doom.
  • Players can use the Orrery of Worlds teleporter to travel to all open-world zones.
  • Visit style vendors for a one-stop-shop to find episode gear styles from the past.
  • Find Chang Tzu in the main observation deck to browse his selection of Combat Pets.
  • Talk to Tempus Fuginaut to find the most important gear.
  • Look for “Together Unbroken” in the Journal to get started exploring this new hub

New Content

In Save the Universe Part One, the focus is on Superman Classic. This one has players tasked to help Rip Hunter mend time. Details include:

  • Choose between the event (the original), regular, and elite versions of each Save the Universe instance.
  • Use the On Duty menu to queue up for The Science Spire (duo), Phantom Zone (alert), and Power Core (raid) under the Save the Universe category.
  • Look for “Call to Save the Universe” in your Journal. Visit Rip Hunter in the House of Legends to get started.
  • Make sure to pick up daily and weekly missions “Perpetual Preparation” and “Save the Universe.”
  • Part two of Save the Universe is about Batman Classics while part three is Wonder Woman Classics. Both will arrive sometime in the fall.

New Allies

In the Allies system, players can summon some of the superheroes and supervillains in the DC universe to help them in battle. These include, among others:

  • Tier 1 Allies
    • Oracle-Bot
    • Calc-Bot
    • House of Legends Bot
  • Tier 2
    • Professor Zoom
    • The Flash
    • Cyborg
  • Tier 3 (to be launched at a later date)
    • Queen Diana
    • Flashpoint Batman
    • Emperor Aquaman

Learn more about House of Legends here.

DC Universe Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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