House Party Continues Winter Fun with Upcoming Free Pack

Time for some winter fun.
Time for some winter fun. Eek! Games

For some, the holidays may be over but in House Party, the Christmas Spirit is staying for the rest of the year. Get ready for more fun with the Winter Holiday Pack, a permanent free DLC version of the game's Winter Holiday Update. There's no question that this seasonal add-on is best for those who want their part to be "festive" and "cheery."

The Winter Holiday Pack is going to be available as a free download for everyone in the second quarter of 2023. For those interested, they can now wishlist this on Steam and Epic Games Store.

For the Winter Holiday Pack, Madison’s house is going to be filled with festive decorations while snowflakes are falling outside. In addition, partygoers are bundled up in Christmas-themed hats as well as holiday sweaters. That's not all, since players also get to throw snowballs at other party guests. Of course, there's a brand new hysterical short side-story quest to enjoy that features "Santa" Frank.

The Winter Holiday Pack also features festive new seasonal decorations:

  • A Snowman
  • Pine Garlands
  • Hanging Lights
  • Glowing Candy Canes
  • Star-Shaped Lights
  • Snowflake Window Decals
  • Lightly Falling Snow Outside

There are holiday costumes and accessories as well:

  • Santa Hats
  • Elf Hats
  • A Festive Sweater

In a statement, House Party creator Bobby Ricci revealed that those who love Halloween or Winter no longer have to choose. He added that with the implementation of the toggle on/off feature, players can now head over to the main menu and switch on/off the holiday that they want to be in.

Ricci went on to say that the Winter update was bigger compared to the Halloween one. He shared that by listening to the feedback from players, they added some amazing stuff like achievements and a Frank side quest. Ricci also said that while they're going to take things slow when it comes to holiday events after this, there is more exciting holiday content being planned for the future.

House Party is an edgy comedy adventure game inspired by classic comedies of the '90s. The choices made, actions taken, and conversations have an impact on the story. The game takes place during a wild night at a friend’s house. So far, the game has 15 personality-packed characters plus a growing list of self-voiced celebrity guests with the likes of pop superstar Doja Cat, famous comedians the Game Grumps, and even online influencer LetyDoesStuff.

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