House Party: The 2022 Halloween Event Now Offered as Halloween Holiday Pack

A permanent addition.
A permanent addition. Eek! Games

Good news for fans of House Party. There's a new Halloween Holiday Pack set for release in the first quarter of 2023, and it’ll introduce new features, including an in-game on/off toggle for the holiday content.

Originally, the limited-time update was known as the 2022 Halloween Event, which was liked by a lot of players. Because of the increasing demand, the developer decided to make it permanently available.

The Halloween Holiday Pack revamps the appearance and ambience of the party by featuring unique eerie seasonal decorations such as:

  • Pumpkins
  • Spooky Ghosts
  • A Cheap Skeleton
  • Lots Of Spiderwebs
  • One Giant Furry Spider

It also features a chilling succubus/incubus outfit that can be worn by cast members of the original story who are considered as "Halloween-minded." This outfit comes with such accessories:

  • Scary Horns
  • Creepy Bat Wings
  • Sultry, Spiky Tail

Time to Chill

While waiting for the Halloween Holiday Pack, you can take the time to chill with the Winter Update, now live. Expect to see new decorations around the house like:

  • Pine Garlands
  • Hanging Lights
  • Glowing Candy Canes
  • Star-shaped Lights
  • Ornaments
  • A Snowman
  • Snowflake Window Decals

That's not all since those in the party will be dressed in the holiday spirit. In fact, some of the characters are wearing Santa hats and elf hats. There are even those sporting a festive sweater.

Apart from interior changes, you'll see light snowing when you go outside and that means you can throw snowballs at guests. Frank is even excited about the holidays that he's offering a new themed side-quest.

Learn more about the Winter Update.

Coming Soon

While the addition of a new pack is indeed exciting, there are more to expect in the future.

Eek! Games Founder and CEO Bobby Ricci revealed in a statement that when he created the game, the goal was to offer a party experience that would change over time. This is why it was based on a dynamic engine where players can change the narrative of the party with each action taken. He added that they've introduced new guests and brought in new items, but many wanted more decorations and clothing, so they added the Halloween content and even made it permanent.

You can wishlist the Halloween Holiday Pack for House Party on Steam.

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