House Party is Finally Launching on July 15

Bring things to the next level.
Bring things to the next level. Eek! Games, LLC

The party is about to get wilder as House Party prepares to leave Steam Early Access. That’s right! The game is finally launching on July 15.

As part of the game’s official launch, an update is set to be released which introduces a new playable female protagonist. That means players can now join the party as a female. That’s not all since the update is going to allow the protagonist to pursue different types of romantic relationships. Not only straight but also gay, lesbian, and bisexual.

If this is your first time hearing about this game, it’s inspired by comedy games of the 80s and 90s like Leisure Suit Larry and movies like American Pie. House Party recreates the party experience and adds a double-shot of the unexpected.

There are a lot of branching narratives for players to discover. The story is pretty much a blank canvas that offers meaningful player choices, and each playthrough allows players to meet new people and have new tasks to complete.

Players can look forward to drama, hilarity, and absurdness. The experience is heightened with more than 15 fully-voiced guests that react to each action and remark of the player. One such guest is Frank who is a straight-edge muscle-head that guards the alcohol. There’s also Madison, the party host who appears to have lost her phone.

Special Guest

The game has had a lot of interesting guests and this year, the guest list is adding none other than the Grammy-award-winning artist Doja Cat. She’ll be making her debut this year courtesy of a DLC storyline. She’s not only voicing the character herself but also having her music in the house playlist.

In a statement, the Eek! Games team shared that they worked closely with Doja Cat herself to come up with hand-picked outfits and ensure that her in-game reactions are accurate. For those wondering what it feels like to be at a party with Doja Cat, now’s that time.

House Party is launching July 15 on PC through Steam. Those excited about the Doja Cat Expansion Pack DLC can wishlist it here. Finally, a VR release is coming to Steam later this year.

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